Shining clubmoss

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Name Skill Season Time Special Conditions Terrain Body Part Healed
shining clubmoss 625 all all higher difficulty in winter, lower difficulty in fall badland, deciduous forest, freshwater wetland, scrub and thorn all external scars, all internal scars

Recall Herb

  • You recall shining clubmoss is used to heal internal and external scars of the entire body, and is generally found in freshwater wetlands and deciduous forests.


Other Notes

This herb is prepared for use in remedies by drying.

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Additional Information

It can be found in badlands, freshwater wetlands, deciduous forests, and scrub/thorn areas. Of those, wetlands is easiest, then deciduous forests, then badlands, and scrub/thorn areas are the hardest for it. It can be found in day or night, but it is much easier at night. It can be found in any season, but it's easiest is fall and hardest in winter. - Per GM Zadraes on discord, 6/13/2023