Shard Theater Faire 419 raffles

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[Ritva's Raffles]
Glass walls hold vine covered white trellises upon their domed surfaces. Peeking out from between the heart-shaped green leaves are a riot of differently colored morning glories in all stages of bloom. An engraved silversteel counter rests in front of a draping curtain of vines, the combination serves to effectively hide the back half of the room from prying eyes. Hanging from braided white ribbons is the raffle results board.
You also see an arching silversteel doorway, Raffle Attendant Ritva and a carved stone turtle with an opening in its shell.
Obvious exits: none.

Raffle 5

Item Winner Notes
pair of ice skates completely covered in a thick layer of colorful glitter Thoman
ethereal blue bison strumming a glossy black lute patterned with gilt flames Harsh
Ilithic applewood folding chair with a purple and green paisley-printed seat Rockytop
glittering dark purple porphyry token of lady's favor Desian
bent copper pipe Ahneya

Raffle 6

Item Winner Notes
elegantly draped lotusweave gown caught at one shoulder with a bejeweled fibula Barameiq
white crystal Shoan a Sidelkuloa miniature Klurn
glitter-dusted dragonfly wing earrings Samsaren
ironwood folding chair with rigid legs crafted out of broken swords Vivikka
handful of jelly leeches with clear bellies distended by sanguine liquid Aylay

Raffle 7

Item Winner Notes
battered iron measuring stick Obahir
vibrantly shaded climbing rope pieced together from assorted fabric scraps Mestoph
tiny tamarind trough of glitter-thickened tequila Jadyce
blue and white gingham-covered storage book embellished with a fork and knife Pheer
large ceramic milk carton with a cow-spotted drinking straw Voyle

Raffle 8

Item Winner Notes
wide-brimmed straw hat with a bouquet of appliqued weeds along the band Zindelo
little spiky rainbow sapphire hedgehog charm Zenrya
copper cowbell fastened with a floppy red satin bow Bralinson
abyssal black pouch adorned with faded embroidery Khaelyn
black and white pieces of glittered suede fashioned into shapely cow spots Skaggi

Raffle 9

Item Winner Notes
filigree tel'athi thumb ring artfully twisted around a brilliant rainbow sapphire Kiarti
spindly necklace formed by two windsteel praying mantises clasping a svelae Margeaux
dainty pair of elbow-length Albarian lace gloves fastened with inkdrop agates Zakuro
stylish whitleather tailor's toolbelt embellished with braided steelsilk ties Etherian
splotchy black and white picnic basket fastened with a string of copper cowbells Squanto

Raffle 10

Item Winner Notes
burnished leather alchemist's toolbelt fastened with an elaborate covellite clasp Zevox
well-made farandine backpack with a rainbow sapphire sun-in-glory clasp Eurick
bounty of bone-hued bear's breeches blossoms bearing byzantine bracts Larstian
small glitter-infused glass trunk featuring a stylized mustache-shaped latch Aucella
brass lockpick ring bent into the outline of a beaming cow face Hyojune

Raffle 11

Item Winner Notes
rencate tail helix banded with a vibrant rainbow of hues Maltris
lustrous pearl cow seated in the crook of a tri-color crescent moon Juleanne
tiny gold-eyed red fox with iridescent covellite wings Mohandar
golden waffle-weave lipka cotton blanket Permethrim
pristine white brocatelle baldric accented with firestained acenite buckles Yanbelev contained: frosted white spiritwood parry stick wrapped in lengths of pallid spidersilk, supple whitleather handwraps reinforced with undyed steelsilk, and supple whitleather footwraps reinforced with undyed steelsilk

Raffle 12

Item Winner Notes
sleek toxophilite's shoulder harness fashioned from brilliant red-violet camlet Naper
length of sunset-orange lipka cotton Derium
three-legged milking stool with the face of a cow painted on the seat Zaer
flour-dusted baker's bag stitched with tiny flying milk cows and ruby-red hearts Elnorn
filigree gold cow amulet with inkdrop agate eyes Basteht

Raffle 13

Item Winner Notes
shaggy verdant green ox with yellow daisies twined around its curving horns Boriz
gold-washed leather reticule strung upon a sunstone-beaded chain Tiramin
rainbow sapphire icesilk blindfold Navesi
knife made from half a broken pair of gardening shears Klines
white Elven gold thighband flush-set with green garnet and azurite druzy quartz Kahomet

Raffle 14

Item Winner Notes
spherical emerald jade jewelry box carved in bas-relief Marmic
barn-shaped baobab booze box Doxx
oddly attired gelatinous leech wearing some dignified spectacles and a wee crown Padhg
large ceramic coconut garnished with a frilly magenta paper umbrella Maxwelinski
flame-marked steel forger's toolbelt strung with a series of oiled leather straps Sardolf

Raffle 15

Item Winner Notes
large ceramic juice carton with a red and white striped drinking straw Nirving
acenite charm bangle dangling replicas of the fifteen Elothean Houses of Ilithi Selame
articulated cow skeleton armored in sunshine yellow armor Snowpanther
plump cow puppet garbed in a curly wig and flowing lace-trimmed thespian robes Dianelle
small chalkboard framed with glittery flowers and curlicues Tektolnes

Raffle 16

Item Winner Notes
long-stemmed razaksel rosebud Kaloura
patinaed bronze engineer's toolbelt studded with small chain-linked metal gears Kaelie
bone white spiritwood folding chair inlaid with shards of swirling charoite Mistanna
plump velvet cushion fashioned into a beaming cow face Bardulf
empty glass milk jug painted with a beaming cow Leilanie