Bathed in Splendor

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Bathed in Splendor
Event Hollow Eve Festival 443
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Housing shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Bathed in Splendor, Submerged]
Enclosed within water-filled glass walls, the shop is surrounded by a school of brightly colored tetras and a trio of tiny marbled-shell turtles as they dart through clusters of blue-green waterferns that rise from a bed of silvery sand.
You also see a glass archway in the shape of a scalloped seashell, a glossy seaglass rack with a few things on it, a gold-stippled coralite stand with a few things on it, a curved pearlescent counter with several things on it and some polished driftwood hooks with a few things on it.
Obvious exits: none.

seaglass rack
Item Price Done
shimmering golden seasilk bathing gown 1,725,000   
flowing long-sleeved bathing gown of elegantly pleated dark green zerarin wool 2,062,500   
loose-fitting dark linen bathing gown with long tapered sleeves 25,000   

coralite stand
Item Price Done
shimmering golden seasilk slippers laced with tiny gilded seashells 187,500   
dark green zerarin wool slippers laced with delicate gold chains 225,000   
dark linen slippers laced with long shadesatin ribbons 137,500   

pearlescent counter
Item Price Done
knee-length dragonar bathing trousers with imbricated dark scales 962,500   
knee-length linen bathing trousers with alternating red and white stripes 25,000   
knee-length bathing trousers of blue and white striped westan wool 87,500   
glossy seasilk bathing bloomers adorned with gold filigree seashells 1,287,500   
dark green zerarin wool bathing bloomers with delicate gold ankle-chains 1,562,500   
dark linen bathing bloomers trimmed with shadesatin ruffles 337,500   

driftwood hooks
Item Price Done
sleeveless dark dragonar bathing tunic patterned with imbricated scales 1,000,000   
sleeveless linen bathing tunic with alternating red and white stripes 25,000   
sleeveless westan wool bathing tunic banded with blue and white stripes 87,500