Scavenger Hunt 2013

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Event taking place in Platinum and Fallen from May 3 to May 17 run by Naohhi, Lyneya, and Reenni

The Game

The Scavenger Hunt of 2013 has begun! To join in, go to Fang Cove and GET GIFT in order to get your Scavenger Hunt sack. You all will have exactly two weeks to fill your sacks and return them to me in order to gain your points and prize(s)! Prize levels do accumulate so if you achieve Gold level, you are entitled to a Gold prize, a Silver prize, AND a Bronze prize!

The Rules

  • All collected items MUST be in your "a sturdy Scavenger Hunt sack" in order to count towards your points.
  • Items only count once. That means you cannot collect 20 chocolate scones and achieve the top prize level.
  • All sacks must be returned once the game is over. Please do not plan on keeping these or you may lose anything you put in them.
  • If you qualify for more than one prize level, you are entitled to one of each of the prizes from those levels.
  • Each item is worth a certain number of points that add up to your score.

The Deadline

All Scavenger Hunt sacks must be returned to either Scavenger Hunt Helper Reenni, GM Lyneya, or myself by May 17th 11:30PM EST in order to have points count. Late entries will be considered case by case.


Prize Level Points Needed Platinum Prize Fallen Prize
Bronze 50 polished bronze scavenger's badge 1 RPA
Silver 100 black gold monocle with silver filigree 1 Level 2 RPA
Gold 200 dashing zibeline greatcloak clasped with a blackened iron globe
stylishly-cut grey mistsilk greatcloak embroidered with twisting vines along the cuffs
10 Quadrellos
1 Level 2 RPA
Platinum 300 large container (This item can be altered into any noun) 25 Quadrellos
1 Level 2 RPA
The Club 500 cloak of shimmering spidersilk 50 Quadrellos
1 Level 4 RPA