Jester's General Store

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Jester's General Store
Province Therengia
Town Rossman's Landing
Map Ranik's Map 34a
Owner Eauin Jester
# of Rooms 1
Store Type General shops, Weapon shops, Food shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Jester's General Store, Salesroom]
The salesroom is packed almost to the bursting point -- boxes filled with weapons piled next to barrels of bows and baskets of small beanbags. A narrow path winds its way in a serpentine fashion past bolts of cloth and a rack of clothes. Even the rafters are laden with hams, cheeses and other foodstuffs. Eauin Jester, the store's owner, does a brisk business.

In the wooden box
Item Price Done
lead-weighted wooden bola 750   
mace 1,250   !!
battle axe 2,800   
sabre 2,600   
dagger 799   
In the copper-bound barrel
Item Price Done
lightweight mistwood crossbow 3,500   
crossbow bolts 700   
beechwood short bow 1,200   !!
spiral-carved yew longbow 2,500   
In the bentwood basket
Item Price Done
vivid silk ladybugs 700   
colorful fabric butterflies 650   
dusky blue wooden crabs 600   
bright red wooden lobsters 625   
carved ebonwood beetles 610   
On the oak rafter
Item Price Done
string of dried cranberries 11   !!
spicy wild boar sausage 18   !!
apple-smoked gar sausage 22   
bag of dried pears 13   !!
dried redfish jerky 10   
twisted sheep's milk cheese 30   !!
red wax-covered cheddar 40   !!
savory hickory-smoked ham 300   
On the clothes rack
Item Price Done
dusky blue twill backpack 195   
scalloped suede belt purse 340   
crystal-beaded midnight blue velvet cloak 11,000