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From the Dwarven Timeline

  • 2099: The Kwarlog Dwarves discover the body of a maiden, dead but perfectly preserved, lying on a stone slab at the bottom level of a series of caverns. Gathered in her hands, upon her breast, is a rose-- carved so extraordinarily from white stone, that it seems bedewed. Before the Dwarves can do more than observe this in wonder, however, several biters appear, driving them back up through their tunnels. To make matters worse, the lower portion of the tunnels collapse, burying the biters and the rose-bearing maiden. The tale is set at once in stone over the entrance to that series of tunnels, which are ever-afterwards known as The Rose Maiden's Caverns.
  • 1513: Four maidens in Kwarlog announce their refusal to accept suitors upon coming of age. They say that one of their number, Cordhvirae Stonesekker, has dreamt of the Rose Maiden, and that they will henceforth remain celibate members of the community dedicated to universal service. General uproar. (This is generally accepted as the first appearance of the Cult of the Rose Maiden.)
  • 1451: Ten Kwarlog maidens and four youths have now refused suitors or spouses in the name of Cordhvirae's vision of the Rose Maiden. Cordhvirae has a second vision, in which the Rose Maiden requested that several of her "children" spread the doctrines of renunciation, celibacy and service to other Dwarves. Three maidens and a youth set out, alone, to the Siergelde Mountains. They are never heard from again.

Hibarnhvidar Tapestry

Found up the stairs immediately by the gate:

A group of Dwarven miners is depicted standing in a circle around a rocky bier in a dark cavern, each of their faces reflecting awe and wonder. On the slab lies the body of a maiden, dead but perfectly preserved. Held gently in her hands upon her breast is a white stone rose.

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