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Merrila Calliopy
Status Active
Race Prydaen
Gender Female
Guild Empath
Instance Prime
Relatives Crimsondae, Gweado


Merrila has a triangular face, pointed ears and cat-slitted turquoise eyes. Her amber mane is very long and straight, and is worn untamed. She has tawny fur, a slender tail and an athletic figure.


She is wearing an exquisite sapphire necklace studded with delicately cut emeralds, a fitted blue-green cashmere longcoat with a teal mistsilk lining, an emerald linen crafting pack, a ginger-hued silk blouse with carved nacre buttons, a narrow silver bracelet set with emeralds and cambrinth, a dark iron belt knife set with a small haze sapphire in the pommel's center, a wedding ring, a lustrous animite ring set with a pale blue svelae, an azure glass orchid gracing a simple verdigris chain, a silk batiste skirt in blended shades of cornflower and sky blue, some lush green leather boots embroidered with intertwining morah vines and a gleaming steel parry stick wrapped in emerald green ribbon.

A trio of sapphire beads float lazily around her right forearm, glowing with a lustrous sheen against her fur.


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Merrila is well known as a Master Crafter of: Cloth and Leather Armor, Carved bone and stone items, Shaped bows and staff weapons, arrows , Containers and Leather Shields.

People will know Merrila's handiwork by the following mark which adorns all things she creates:

You see the initial "M.C." impressed into the surface of the material.

Her works can be found at Rare Quest Fest And Forged shop in Riverhaven.


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