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Cleric thumb.jpgCleric Guild
Resurrection Held Mana spell
Abbreviation: REZZ
Prerequisites: Soul Bonding, 30th circle, Quest, Infusion Ability
Minimum Prep: 10
Casting Cap: Unlimited
Valid Spell Target: Corpses
Description: The Resurrection spell is but one of the greatest gifts the Immortals may grant a Cleric. Once a soul is bonded to its body, this spell will return the body to life.
Example Messaging: A bright flash negates your field of vision momentarily. When you can see again, the grey shades of the spirit realm appear more defined and you experience a greater clarity of vision and see further into the Void.

You clearly sense the spirit of <PC> in the Void. You see ethereal cords of silver tethering his soul to his body.
You sense a spirit nearby, but you are unable to make it out clearly.

Alignment-based raising:
Unaligned:As you intone a quiet prayer to the Gods, your hands begin to glow with a faint silvery nimbus.You extend a glowing hand towards the body of <PC>.
Neutral: As you murmur a quiet prayer to <neutral god>, your hands begin to glow faintly silver. You extend a glowing hand towards the body of <PC>.
Light: As <Cleric> sings a glorious paean to <light god>, his hands begin to glow faintly silver. He extends a glowing hand towards the body of <PC>.
Dark: As you chant a dispirited requiem for <PC> to <dark god>, your hands begin to glow with a faint silvery nimbus. You reluctantly extend a glowing hand towards the body of <PC>.

The below messaging reflects the status of the corpse after raising. It seems to be based on circle of the Cleric vs. circle of the corpse.
Ethereal bands of crimson surround the body of <PC>, flickering at the edges of your vision. Silvery wisps trapped within the bands are channeled into the corpse. The red bands fade away and <PC> shudders, gasping for breath.
Dark crimson bands of light flow about the body of <PC>, pulsating with a heartbeat rhythm. Silvery-grey tendrils twine around the dark crimson bands, seeping into the corpse. As the last tendril vanishes from view, the bands explode with a brilliant flash and <PC> blinks dazedly, wobbling on his feet.


  • GESTURE <person> after sensing their spirit clearly via infusion.
  • Cannot be performed on those without favors.
  • Will pull the Cleric out of hiding when the spell pulses.
  • Patron deity of the Cleric and cast messaging is determined by the last favor the Cleric received.
  • Will stop bleeding for a short time.
  • Other than the slot used by the Soul Bonding spell, it does not require an additional spell slot.
  • Will grant the caster an extra favor for every ten resurrections performed if the caster has less than 15 favors.
  • Caps with the PC having 49% Vitality, 49% Fatigue, and 89% Spirit Health after being raised.
  • Resurrection guide by Diarik.
  • Resurrection script by the original Tropicalo.

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