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"Has improper value for" is a predefined property to track input errors for irregular value annotations that was likely caused by type or allowed value restrictions. This property is pre-deployed (also known as special property) and comes with additional administrative privileges but can be used just like any other user-defined property.

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A change in hiding exp - 07/25/2012 - 14:23 +Posted on  +
Aalar +Gives task type  +
Acid-etched broadsword with a smooth bone hilt +Construction is number  +
Acid-etched half plate +Construction is  +
Aged double leathers embossed across the back with white outstretched wings +Construction is  +
Alabaster unicorn hobbyhorse +Construction is number  +
Allows value +Page type is  +
Alpine stonebow (crafted) +Length is  +, Width is  +, Height is  +
Anniana +Found in  +
Anthelorm +Gives task type  +
Antiquated curved-bladed khukri +Construction is number  +
Antique cup-hilted rapier +Construction is number  +
Antique swept-hilt rapier +Construction is  +
Arbalest (crafted) +Length is  +, Width is  +, Height is  +
Arena crossbow (crafted) +Length is  +, Width is  +, Height is  +
Arine +Found in  +
Armor:Acid-etched half plate +Construction is  +
Armor:Aged double leathers embossed across the back with white outstretched wings +Construction is  +
Armor:Amber-eyed king snake mask +Construction is  +
Armor:Articulated gauntlets +Construction is  +
Armor:Articulated steel gauntlets adorned with golden spikes knuckles +Construction is  +
Armor:Asteriated chain mail +Has item property  +
Armor:Balaclava of pastel-hued rainbow chain +Hindrance is  +, Construction is  +
Armor:Battered black leather gloves +Construction is  +
Armor:Battered chain shirt +Construction is  +
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