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This property is used within other properties to declare what values the property considers valid. Each allowed value should use a separate declairation of this property.

"page" is not in the list of possible values (ability, armor, berserk, beseech, bestiary, book, command, concept, definition, disambiguation, event, flora, fauna, item, khri, library, map, npc, organization, place, post, race, roar, shield, skill, spell, store, substance, technique, template, title, weapon, ambush, herb) for this property.
"Allows value" is a predefined property that can define a list of permissible values to restrict value assignments for a property. This property is pre-deployed (also known as special property) and comes with additional administrative privileges but can be used just like any other user-defined property.

Pages using the property "Allows value"

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Ability type is +multistrike  +, area of effect  +, pulse to group  +,


Balance is +not  +, terribly  +, dismally  +,


Cold absorption is +very poor  +, poor  +, low  +,
Cold damage is +no  +, dismal  +, poor  +,
Cold protection is +poor  +, low  +, fair  +,
Command type is +role-playing  +, racial  +, magic  +,
Construction is +extremely weak  +, very delicate  +, quite fragile  +,
Crafting material type is +alchemy  +, bone  +, fabric  +,


Damage type +Puncture damage  +, Slice damage  +, Impact damage  +,
Drawstrength is +extremely low  +, very low  +, somewhat low  +,


Electric absorption is +very poor  +, poor  +, low  +,
Electric damage is +no  +, dismal  +, poor  +,
Electric protection is +poor  +, low  +, fair  +,
Ephemera class is +beast  +, construct  +, extraplanar  +,
Ephemera energy is +divine  +, psychic  +, sylvan  +,
Ephemera rarity is +common  +, uncommon  +, rare  +,


Fire absorption is +very poor  +, poor  +, low  +,
Fire damage is +no  +, dismal  +, poor  +,
Fire protection is +poor  +, low  +, fair  +,
FOI is +not  +, terribly  +, dismally  +,
Forage condition is +Xibar is up  +, Yavash is up  +, Katamba is up  +,
Found in province +Zoluren  +, Therengia  +, Qi'Reshalia  +,


Gives task type +delivery  +, kill  +, boss  +,
Guild association is +None  +, Bard  +, Barbarian  +,
Guild is +creature  +, Bard  +, Barbarian  +,
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