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Status: Alive
Race: Elothean
Gender: Female
Location: Sohrac's Gembuyers (Ranik Map 106)
Type: shopowner

Abira Sohrac is the owner of Sohrac's Gembuyers.


You see gembuyer Abira Sohrac, an Elothean woman with shoulder-length silver hair framing a heartshaped face and light blue eyes. Tall and graceful, she bends slightly as she focuses on her work, her gaze intent as her tapered fingers move quickly over the gemstones in her sorting tray. Her simply-cut daygown of pale grey silk provides an elegant contrast to the platinum-set star sapphire at her throat and matched bracelets flashing at her wrists.


  • A dignified young S'Kra clad in richly embroidered robes steps towards the counter, bowing and offering a little suede sack to the gembuyer. Smiling, she accepts it and pours a rainbowed cascade of gemstones into another sorting tray, exclaiming, "Nido'a, R'khar! You've been hunting again, I see!"
  • A pair of mudcaked and slightly tipsy barbarians stumble in, waving coffers of gems and singing hunting songs. Although Abira maintains her cool composure as she begins to assess their treasure, you notice her lightly touch the bejeweled hilts of a pair of little throwing daggers tucked into her sleeves, and you wonder just what this regal Elothean is capable of.
  • With a delicate pair of gold forceps, Abira holds an emerald to the light to look for tiny imperfections, setting its deep-green reflection sparkling against the walls of the room.
  • Abira stands and stretches, moving quietly about the room to flick imaginary specks of dust off of gleaming glass cases, adjust the shutters, and angle lamps so as to enhance the appearance of the gems on display.
  • A dark-cloaked woman strides through the door. Abira blanches and moves quickly to take her elbow and usher her back out, softly hissing "You know you're not to bring that business here when customers are present!"
  • Absent-mindedly tucking an errant strand of silver hair behind one ear, the Elothean squints thoughtfully at a little opal, pushing it to a corner of the sorting-tray.

Responses to Questions

  • Baron - A flush rises to her cheeks, and she pauses momentarily before quietly saying, "He is a man much misunderstood."

Abira shrugs.