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The Professional Healers Association (PHA) -- informally known as the Empath union -- is a group of Empaths who charge for their services as healers. The PHA also has a standard rate for shifting services.


Although the PHA has not been formally disbanded, it has not been active in some time. It seems that most of the members are pursuing their own interests.


In The Crossing, PHA Empaths normally work in the Dispensary, which is located on Via Mandroga. (The tendency not to use the Empaths' Guild was motivated in part by the desire to minimize conflicts with other Empaths.)

Directions: From the outside of the Empaths' Guild, go east, north, and through the hospital backdoor.

Heal Pricing

Prices are based on the number, location, and severity of wounds. The Empath may choose to barter or deviate from the standard rate.

Young adventurers receive a discounted rate of one third of the normal price. (Empaths have the discretion to charge the standard rate if it appears that a young adventurer is supported by a wealthy relative or friend.)

Triage Exception

Most members do not charge for their services during triage. They consider this to be their contribution to the war effort.

Shifting Services

Many Empaths throughout the years have used a fairly standard pricing scheme for shifting. These are the prices used by the PHA for shifting.

Area Attribute Fee
Hair Beard 2 plat
Hair Length 2 plat
Hair Color 5 plat
Hair Streak 5 plat
Hair Texture 5 plat
Eyes Color 5 plat
Eyes Shape 10 plat
Skin Color 5 plat
Skin Primary Markings 5 plat
Skin Secondary Color 5 plat
Skin Secondary Markings 5 plat
Features Dimples 10 plat
Features Chin 10 plat
Features Tufted Tail 10 plat
Features Belly 10 plat
Features Ear Shape 10 plat
Features Tail Shape 10 plat
Features Distinguishing Mark 10 plat
Face Shape 10 plat
Face Tufted Ears 10 plat
Face Head Crest 10 plat
Nose Shape 10 plat
Body Height 10 plat
Body Gender 20 plat
Body Build 20 plat
Age Year 25 plat

Member List

Last updated: February 4, 2011 (25 Moliko 400)


The PHA has not authorized anyone to act on its behalf. The idea of "friends" or "enforcers" was discussed in passing at the first meeting but has been rejected. At this time, the PHA has no such plans.

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