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[Zoluren Shop Updates] The Clan Edition · on 04/14/2015 03:52 PM CDT 1188
Hi all,

I've hinted at it a few times, but I have a major major major project that is both exciting and exhausting to work on where we are trying to revamp shops across Zoluren. Right now, all instances can now enjoy the updates to several shops for the clans around Crossing.

What can you expect?

  • Primarily, catalogs for the shops in this batch are gone. You may now use SHOP in these shops.
  • Your stealing scripts will break. Fix them.
  • You may find you have new things to train stealing on in the area now, due to price changes.
  • You may find bugs or typos. Please submit a BUG report for these and we'll get to them as we can. (and thanks)

Shops that have seen changes in this batch:
Peddler's Wagon (Tiger Clan)

Bukor's Leatherworks (Knife Clan)

Havor's Forge (Tiger Clan)

Brigetta's Tanned Goods (Wolf Clan)

Tobb's Smithy (Knife Clan)

Midwife Neesa's Cottage (Tiger Clan)

  • This shop will still sell old style herbs for now. We will let you know when and if this will change.

Questions and Answers

  • Will all catalog shops be going away?

-No. Some catalogs are planned to stay. Most will go away, some will get updated. Some shops will have catalogs and SHOP mechanics.

  • When can we expect the next batch?

-Probably not for several months. These are not easy updates to make, build, QC, and release.

  • Will home/premium shops be getting updates?

-Not related to this project, some are currently under work or have refreshes proposed and not approved.

  • Can we get a list of the shops that will be updated (next)?

- Yes. The next batch of shops being worked on:
Barsabe's Grocery
Berolt's Dry Goods
Brisson's Haberdashery
Brother Durantine's Shop
Chizili's Alchemical Goods
Emmiline's Cottage
Falken's Tannery
Grisgonda's Gems and Jewels


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