Falken's Tannery

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Falken's Tannery
Province Zoluren
Town The Crossing
Map Ranik's Map 1
Owner Falken
# of Rooms 3
Store Type Furrier shops, Tanning shops, Container shops
This store only accepts Kronars

Falken's Tannery will purchase the animals parts you've gained from hunting and SKINning skinnable creatures. As with most furriers, bundling ropes are available here. Also see the bundle command for bundling skins.


To get an appraised estimate of the value of your animal parts.
  • SELL MY <BUNDLE/SKIN/PELT/BONES/ANIMAL PART> (while holding your bundle or animal part):
To sell your bundle or animal parts.
To get a BUNDLING ROPE to BUNDLE your animal parts.

[Falken's Tannery, Workshop]
The Tannery, presided over by the ever-alert Falken, reeks of dead things, chemicals, and unwashed adventurers who rush in to sell or appraise their latest haul of skins and furs. On the rough, deobar-paneled walls are mounted stuffed heads of animals, and specimens of birds and fish. You are struck by the absence of stuffed reptiles, however. On the counter lies a bundle of assorted furs and hides.
You also see a stuffed stag's head, a stuffed vulture, the tanner Falken and a sturdy door.
Obvious exits: west, out.

[Falken's Tannery, Fitting Room]
Here Falken personally fits you for your new hide, skin, fur or leather accoutrements. A full-length sheet of metal, polished to a mirror-like finish, on the far wall reflects your image. In the mirror's reflection, you also notice that the walls of the fitting room are hung with rare furs and exotic pelts, some of creatures you have only heard or dreamt about, but never seen. On a cluttered worktable in the corner, awls, leather thongs and other tools of the trade are scattered about.
Obvious exits: east, west.

[Falken's Tannery, Supply Room]
Jars and bottles are neatly arranged on a number of well-made pine shelves affixed to the walls. Several bins overflow with small tools and crude scrapers. A bored clerk lounges on a stout chair behind a wide counter.
You also see Clerk Shaefferty.
Obvious exits: east.

On the counter
Item Price Done
dark hide scraper with a deobar handle 562   
wide hide scraper with a steel blade 475   
slender hide scraper 437   
hide scraper 350   
simple tailor's kit - 6x6x3 500 stone - belt worn. Contents: a gleaming electrum yardstick, some steel scissors with silver handles, an oak-handled steel awl, some steel sewing needles inlaid with electrum, a rounded white slickstone, and some straight iron pins 8,500