Barsabe's Grocery

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Barsabe's Grocery
Province Zoluren
Town The Crossing
Map Ranik's Map 1
Owner Barsabe
# of Rooms 3
Store Type Food shops, Drink shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Barsabe's Grocery, Salesroom]
Every shelf, every counter, every table, every square inch of this spacious shop is crammed with visions and fragrances of culinary delight. Long ropes of spicy-sweet sausages, huge wheels of aromatic cheeses, and loaves of fresh bread create a tantalizing focal point in the center of the room. Amid the hustle and bustle of a steady flow of customers, the diminutive (if slightly rotund) proprietor himself takes a moment to smile at you as he puts the finishing touches on some new, delicious creation.
You also see a round table with several things on it and a pristine counter with several things on it.
Obvious exits: south, west, out.

On the round table
Item Price Done
a mug of warm Haven's End brew 62   
a glass of sparkling Laakvor tonic 68   
a bottle of chilled Blushing Bunny 50   
a tankard of frothy Barsabe's beer 56   
a shot of potent Clanthew Crusher 75   
a cup of steamy Flamethorn's Folly 62   
On the pristine counter
Item Price Done
plump taffelberry muffin sprinkled with coarse sugar 62   
hunk of praline-swirled peanut butter fudge 56   
fluffy buttered biscuit slathered with gooseberry jam 56   
chilled parfait of vanilla custard and honeyed fig 75   
thick slice of gooey dark chocolate torte 68   
sticky honey cake sprinkled with brown sugar 62   
plate of toasted bread drenched in rich cheese sauce 87   
steaming pastry stuffed with braised rabbit and tender vegetables 93   
bowl of spicy sausage stew served overtop seasoned rice 125   
thick wedge of creamy cheese with a wine-red rind 100   

[Barsabe's Grocery, Deliveries]
Walls, apparently formed of an endless supply of oaken barrels, tower impressively over your head, testament to the popularity of the town's favorite grocer. As youths from the kitchen race out to request more of one item or another, the burly workmen grumble somewhat, but nearly stumble over themselves to help the prettier maidens who work at the bakery next door. You also see the service entrance.
Obvious exits: east.

[Barsabe's Grocery, Kitchen]
The clatter of pots, punctuated by the delighted laughter of the kitchen help as they go about their business greets you here. Drying meats of all shapes and sizes swing merrily from the low-beamed ceiling, as if dancing on the warm breezes created by the regiment of cast iron stoves that ring the room.
Obvious exits: north.