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Re: Zoluren Noble Houses: An Introduction · on 9/8/2010 10:17:19 PM 3182
** House Magen **

House Magen, while not as old as House Denesal, is what one would consider 'old money' in Zoluren political and social circles. The family dedicates a large portion of their vast resources to developing and accruing creative arts and artists. The only Zoluren house that is always headed by the matriarch of the family, the Magen's don't just flaunt their money, they showcase it to its ostentatious fullness. The Magen lands spread north from Kaerna all the way to the Faldesu (including Dirge), having also absorbed the Alshaerd lands into their own after the Greater Fist disaster. Their crest is a golden paintbrush sprouting a bouquet of Zoluren forest iris in full bloom. The Human house is currently led by Irsten Magen.

GM Jaedren

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