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Re: Ticket Raffle Winners · on 11/19/2013 08:11 PM CST 3296

This raffle took in 34,700 tickets (347 raffle tickets sold). 46 participants.
15 - Traim (Prime), Tyrael (Plat)
30 - Dyminica (Prime), Morpion (Plat)
100 - Thires (Prime), Uzmam] (Plat)

This raffle took in 62,700 tickets (627 raffle tickets sold). 62 participants.
15 - Kithrievarion (Prime), Ekaris (Plat)
30 - Piety (Prime), Koryn (Plat)
100 - Dyminica (Prime), Morpion (Plat)

Bonding Potions:
This raffle took in 98,200 tickets (982 raffle tickets sold). 78 participants.
Perma weapon potion - Crenden (Prime), Koryn (Plat)
Perma weapon potion - Thires (Prime), Damian (Plat)
Full set of permanent bonding potions - Dyminica (Prime), Turul (Plat)

Jump Jewelry:
This raffle took in 74,200 tickets (742 raffle tickets sold). 56 participants.
Set of 5, 1 per province, 5 charges each - Lovasus (Prime), Morpion (Plat)
Set of 5, 1 per province, 5 charges each - Gekkar (Prime), Morpion (Plat)
Set of 10, 2 per province, 15 charges each - Piety (Prime), Morpion (Plat)

Katana: Everything also had a grabbag assembled by Zasele (coins/gems/potential mats)
This raffle took in 1,278,400 tickets (12,784 raffle tickets sold). 168 participants.
Pen-and-inkwell backpack - Elec (Prime), Arathael (Plat)
Mail hauberk plans - Uthgaar (Prime), Arathael (Plat)
Katana plans - Zeteivek (Prime), Arathael (Plat)

Mystery: Everything also had a grabbag assembled by Zasele (coins/gems/potential mats)
This raffle took in 595,200 tickets (5,952 raffle tickets sold). 157 participants.
Leaf charm backpack - Dyminica (Prime), Morpion (Plat)
Gaethzen armband - Ceirdwyn (Prime), Morpion (Plat)
Gambeson plans - Dyminica (Prime), Morpion (Plat)
Tekkan plans - Tarlof (Prime), Morpion (Plat)
Full plate plans - Kalyndara (Prime), Arathael (Plat)

The gaethzen armband shouldn't shatter when dropped, but will still explode if charged with the wrong mana type. This was a new mechanic introduced with HE2013 (weapons with gaethzen!). Worn gaethzen should work while worn, now, too.

The gambeson plans were also accompanied by an item-hider cloak:
tap: a Katamba-black moonsilk cloak pinned with a silver telescope
look: Small hints of golden thread are woven into the rather thick fabric, several of them spiraling to vaguely outline craters.

The leaf charm backpack contained coins, a shirt, some pants, a cloak and a grab bag (chance at materials).
tap: a weathered sailcloth backpack clasped with copper leaf charms
tap: a sweeping sailcloth cloak with a singed copper leaf-shaped clasp
tap: some fitted sailcloth pants with a copper leaf buckle
tap: a cinnamon sailcloth shirt with hyacinth-studded cufflinks

The pen-and-inkwell backpack contained coins, a cloak, some pants, a shirt and a grab bag (chance at materials).
tap: a sturdy felt backpack decorated with twin pen and inkwell patches
tap: a sweeping felt cloak with a singed wrought iron pen and inkwell-shaped clasp
tap: some slim felt pants with a wrought iron pen and inkwell buckle
tap: a poppy-red felt shirt with jacinth-studded cufflinks

For details of the crafting plans, you'll need to ask the winners or speak to Kodius. I don't know the particulars.

Total HE tickets (currency) taken in by these raffles was 2,143,400. 21,434 total raffle tickets were in the combined pools.

Congratulations to the winners, and I hope you all had as much fun as we did with these.

SGM Zadraes
Premium Lead
Trader Guild Advocate

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