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The Gypsy's Journal (5-1-09) · on 5/2/2009 2:44:32 AM 7438
Curiousity, power, and obsession are all driving forces behind the pursuit of knowledge. It is for survival that we seek it now. Delving into shadows, riffling through tattered tomes in forgotten libraries, searching for that one key that will unravel Lyras. One small bit of the puzzle was revealed. What is Klusarlaik seeking? The tortured rakash was drawn to the Dunshade Manor with every 'visit' to Haven. A will, not her own sought something with a singleminded purpose. Swatting at us like flies, little more then an annoyance to be dealt with as she searched the manor. She lingered for a time in the attic while Sebastienne, hidden in shadows, observed her every move. The rakash made a thorough search of the area. We delay her time and again, but still she comes.

It was for knowledge that Chamberlain Isleif ventured into the cursed manor he once called home. A new bit of information was gleaned from the Lord as he spoke with his guards. Somewhere in his family's turbulent legend there was a dagger of immense power. A single prick will sever the victims spirit and cut them off from their gods favor. The Chamberlain thought that this obscure legend might be what Lyras was after. I had not heard this legend before and upon questioning no one else had. The laymen tales of the tragedy has Bryon murdering his daughter with a mere letter opener and his wife with a fireplace shovel before he jumped to his pathetic death.

If the truth of the matter has been concealed, I wouldn't be surprised. The family's taint is bad enough without whispers of Bryon dabbling in necromancy and using a defiled dagger to murder his family. The only reference I could uncover was through a book called "The Undying Threat" by Zamidren Book. The events surrounding Belirendrick III and his nephew Sirolarn. Sirolarn used a necromatic poison that stripped his uncle of favors to assasinate him at the DiSilveron Ball. Isleif is related through his mothers side, a Weyato, but how his family could come into possession of this weapon is probably a stretch of the imagination. The former of the two theories is probably correct. I will need to speak with the Chamberlain a bit more about this. More to settle my curiousity then anything else.

Let me get back to the story before I ramble on. When the Chamberlain and his guards came to the ladder that led up to the attic, Isleif began to feel ill. A sickness of his soul seized him. Before a cleric arrived he succumbed with unatural speed and was forced to depart. It was the call of the cleric that brought me across the river. Isleif was on his feet by the time I arrived. Time enough to hear Coenrad make a snide remark of the guards competence. I thought Commander Drexella was about to slap the smug gypsy upside the head. Her comment had the same effect I wager. 'No one could of predicted death by soul sickness' with such a rapid progression. The guards reacted with the speed and efficiency I have come to expect from the ODS.

The attic has been combed numerous time to no avail. It's a disturbing place that reminds me of the area on Taisgath where Shadowmasters roam. A blurring of planes so to speak. Why would Lyras seek this object so single-mindedly? She seems to be able to kill just fine on her own. The rumors and news from the south is intriguing in a terrifying way. Moonmages who have been close enough to perceive her sense the End. That she does not act alone but 'something' is behind her. I look back at my research on the Bloodworm Comet and it's previous appearances. Emperor Chezarek making a pact with a demon, the events surrounding the Standing Stones, and finally during the time of the Mirror Wraith Prophecy. I am no scholar nor do I fancy myself as such, but idle speculation has me wondering if the comet is some sort of astrological reaction to a thinning in the veils between planes or even a breach. I hope one day we will have a better understanding of this ill omen.

Meanwhile, I will focus on the desperate plea of Klusarlaik. After we 'killed' her we asked how we could release her. She told us to seek those who had knowledge of Necromancy. This Zamidren Book was thought to have been killed, never heard of again after the closing notes of his book. Rumor says he was recently spotted in Zoluren Province. I believe he is a good place to start. Perhaps he has learned of a way to destroy this undying threat.

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