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Spell Review, Batch 2 · on 11/16/2009 12:30:09 AM 206
The following spell changes are live in Prime and Platinum; TF will get them tomorrow if nothing breaks.

- Malediction now uses the Spell vs Spirit contest.

- Malediction and Huldah's Pall are now considered offensive spells. As such, they cannot be cast in safe rooms, but can default to the target you are facing.

- Uncurse can now dispel Huldah's Pall from yourself, provided you also know the latter spell.

- The strengths of Uncurse and Kertigen's Will now scale with mana better.

- Other people can now notice your addiction to Eylhaar's Feast (and treat you accordingly).

- Sanctify Pattern will now allow sufficiently skilled Clerics to weave spells into Osrel Meraud without full preparation.

- The experience awards for interacting with Osrel Meraud have been improved across the board.

- The nature of Major Physical Protection's bonus has changed. While this should be mostly invisible, you may experience better defense against ranged attacks. The spell also modestly boosts the Multi Opponent skill now.

GM Grejuva

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