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Some Friendly Reminders About Inventory · on 05/18/2020 11:16 1195
Dropping Items

Lately, we've had a number of ASSISTS where players have dropped items on the ground, assuming they would be safe, only to find the items gone by the time they returned.

You should NEVER drop anything on the ground that you wish to keep -- not even for a second, not even in a private room.

Even if other players do not take your items, the items are still at risk. The janitor periodically cleans up items on the ground. Additionally, if an area unloads to conserve resources (because no one is in it), any items on the ground will instantly be deleted. (Items deleted in this manner are not saved.)

If you need to free up your hands, use LOWER GROUND RIGHT/LEFT. This will place the item safely at your feet.

If you need to transfer items between characters on the same account, we recommend using family vaults, storage furniture in your home, or a character on a different account that you control.

Registering Items

We would strongly encourage you to register anything that is important to you. In general if the item does not come from a 24/7 shop (such as items from auctions, quests, festivals, player crafting systems, or alteration sessions), you should register it. (If you register an item, and then have it changed via alteration, you should re-register it.)

This is especially true if it is an item that you are likely to hold during combat or when practicing other dangerous activities.

Registration has two key advantages. First, it creates a record that you were in possession of the item, which makes it easier for us to replace the item should we determine that it is eligible for replacement. (We generally do not replace items lost due to carelessness or normal game mechanics.)

Second, while NOT guaranteed, registered items do have increased protections from the janitor. If they're recovered, you can check at the Lost & Found and retrieve them at any time. See NEWS 2 29 for additional information.

You can find the item registrar at any Carousel, among other locations. The Lost & Found bin can also be found at Carousel locations.

Wondering if you've already registered something? REGISTER CHECK will list items in your inventory that have been registered.

If you notice something missing, always assist immediately. The sooner you let us know, the more likely we can help you. DO NOT wait until you see someone on duty. (We are sometimes working on other things and may go on duty just to help you.)

Stowing Items

Sometimes, there may be containers in a room other than the ones in your inventory. This makes it possible to accidentally place your items in a container that is not in your inventory.

To avoid this, we recommend using STOW (see STOW HELP for details) or PUT [ITEM] IN MY [CONTAINER].

Using WIELD/SHEATHE is another option for weapons. (When you wield a weapon, sheathing it will cause it to be placed wherever it was when you wielded it, whether that was on your body or stored in one of your containers.)

Saving Game Logs

While we can't accept player logs as proof of what you had, saving log files can help you figure out when and how an item went missing.

How to set up logging in StormFront:

  1. In the top-left corner of the screen, under the left hand icon, you should see a little arrow that points right. Clicking this arrow will open a menu of windows. If you see a disk icon in blue next to a window, it means you are logging that window.
  2. To initiate logging, you first need to uncheck the disks next to all windows so that the disk appears grey.
  3. Then click the disk next to the Story window. This will prompt you to select a folder and file name for this character's logs. We recommend making a dedicated folder for each character's logs. Use your character's name as the file name.
  4. Then re-check the disk icons of windows you want to log. You should at least log Story, Thoughts, Conversation, Whispers, and OOC.
  5. Repeat for each character you play.
  6. From now on, your logs will automatically be saved.

Although we can't provide support for third-party clients, here is how to enable logging in Genie: in the top-left corner of the screen, click the File menu, and make sure the "Auto Log" option is checked.

GM Cordulia

This message was originally posted in Surviving in DragonRealms - Elanthia / General Discussions, by DR-CORDULIA on the forums.