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The WIELD command works much like a Get command with the following benefits:

  • The system searches for the weapon if no container is designated beginning with weapon containers before general purpose containers
  • The system will prefer the right hand but will wield to the left hand when the right is full
  • The system will return the weapon to the container it was removed from when the Sheath command is used

Working with WIELD and SHEATH can save valuable keystrokes in battle and solves for more complex scripting options.

Syntax and Usage

WIELD <WEAPON>: will search for the weapon in weapon containers and then general purpose containers before drawing it to the right hand -left hand if the right hand is full.
WIELD <LEFT|RIGHT> <WEAPON>: will draw the weapon to the designated hand.
WIELD <LEFT|RIGHT> <WEAPON> in <CONTAINER>: will look only in the designated container and wield it to the designated hand.

Example Messaging

Command First Person Third Person
WIELD Saber You draw out your cutlass from the sheath, gripping it firmly in your right hand. Elonath draws forth a steel cutlass.