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The REGISTER command is used to register items in the event of loss. See Item Registration for more details on the registration system.

Message when something of yours is claimable:

A soft, unknown voice whispers, "Greetings on behalf of the Rundmolen brothers. Our paperwork indicates you have a lost item in our possession. We happily encourage you to visit the nearest Lost and Found center to recover anything belonging to you at your earliest convenience."

Retrieving your item:

You rummage through the large bin, and find a [whatever it was you lost]! You quickly retrieve it, grateful the janitor was merciful.
[We are happy we could help in this situation! While bonding and/or registering items can increase your chances of them being recoverable, it does NOT guarantee it. See NEWS 2 29.]


  • REGISTER <item>: Allows you to register your ownership of an item. You must be in a registration booth to do this.
  • REGISTER CHECK: Checks your inventory for all items registered to you It will not list items registered to someone else.
  • example:
You take a moment to recall your registered items...
......1) 1/11/2013 a funny blade with wicked stuff
......X) A funny blade with wicked stuff is registered to someone else.

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