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Re: Questions about mixing mana types. · on 11/11/2009 1:58:30 AM 346
Part of the confusion is that we've traditionally used "sorcery" to describe two related but distinct things: evil spells and a way of manipulating mana.

One of the differences of the current write up is I'm trying to draw a clearer distinction between sorcery (the act, theoretical outside of Necromancers, of using multiple manas at once), and something which is sorcerous (something that happens or exists in conceptual relation to this process).

A Paladin casting Shadows is not performing sorcery -- he is utterly incapable of doing so, since he can only ever jam Holy energy into a spell pattern. But the act of doing so creates the same risks as casting a sorcery, including the backfire iconic to sorcery blowing up in your face. It is fair to describe it as sorcerous.

This is confusing, and I might just invent some new term later on. Alternately, since this is a topic that involves arrogant, self-described "sorcerers" trying to skirt the laws of man and Immortals alike and torch-wielding mobs, some confusion in terms might be flavorful to keep.


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