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Re: Questions about mixing mana types · on 11/11/2009 2:47:59 PM 358
>>Wait, now I'm confused, too.

>>I was always under the impression that you can't fill a shadows spell with Holy energy and get anywhere- the problem was that in order to cast Shadows you had to manipulate Lunar mana blindly and hope you don't create something explosive.

That's something that gets changed in this explanation, yup. I call it a revision of the description of sorcery rather than a clarification for this reason -- we never were really clear up to this point what was going on, and I'm taking a stab at doing so.

I do still consider this tentative for now and am willing to adjust it to taste. Though part of the reason I go for "incompatible spells" rather than "stuffing Lunar mana in blindly" is that it better reflects the reality of what a PC experiences -- you never actually use Lunar mana values when casting Shadows unless you're a Moon Mage.

>>Will there be any necromantic spells that don't immediately flag someone as a necromancer to the masses?

>>This benefits Necromancers to some extent, because not everything they do is obvious. If a Necromancer casts a spell that is utterly invisible, he is "not doing sorcery" as far as society is concerned.


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