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Re: Questions about mixing mana types. · on 11/10/2009 9:09:47 PM 337
>>I was asking mechanically, not conceptually. Do you have the same chance (independent of the spell's difficulty and whatever other factors) to for spell backlash for using spells that aren't based on arcane mana?

Necromancer backlash risk works differently than other MUs. They have an equal chance of backlash when casting Lunar, Elemental, and Life spells, rather than a sliding scale of difficulty. Holy mana presents some additional... complications that I'm tempted to leave as PAFO for my own amusement.

>>To go off on a theoretical tangent for a moment, does this mean that you could get two or more people attuned to different mana types to each put together their part of the spell and set it off at the same time to do "real" sorcery. Or does magic just not work that way?

It would take a nearly impossible amount of finesse, but it could be done. A more practical way to do "real sorcery" would be through the aid of some specialized magical devices. However, for what should hopefully be obvious reasons, this line of thought doesn't get explored publicly by any of the guilds.


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