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Re: Questions about mixing mana types · on 11/11/2009 3:26:49 PM 362
>>So... in light of this, casting a sorcerous spell would basicaly be the mage attempting to not just bend his mana into the spell pattern, but aggressively bend it in the way another mana frequency bends.

Yup. The background idea I'm running with is that each mana frequency has its own little quirks ("Woah, wait, don't join up those two lines at the crest of a mana wave, you'll overload it and backfire!") and mundane laws ("How do you say 'contact the spiritual plane' in Lunar?") that they don't necessarily share with the others. The difficulty increase reflects needing to know a far larger and esoteric body of knowledge to successfully translate a spell to your mana environment than you'd need to construct it natively.

And the unavoidable danger reflects that it's not a perfect science (if it was, everyone would have everybody else's spells at this point), and that even at your best there's a chance some freakish variable is going to slide off kilter and damn the whole work.

>>...that leaves unanswered the question of what's happening technically when you cast a genuine sorcery. Does the player ever interact with the other streams in casting? Or is all sorcery in the mold of Blackfire, where the sorcerous agent is only a token 'sliver' of mana?

Hrm, that could still be open. My immediate answer is that taking it this we, we relegate "sliver of Holy mana" into a metaphor. A Blackfire spell is almost a true Elemental spell, but relies just enough on Holy principles that are volatile in ELemental to work right.

However, it's not unreasonable to believe that a spell could, in extremis, be "programmed" (IC sense, not technical sense), to do mana manipulations of its own, without the caster's intervention, in some weird, sorcerous, Russian egg thing. On the other hand that also gets contrived and returns us back to where we originally were.

Let me give it some thought.


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