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Re: If the Emapth Guild exploded in the middle of the night, would anyone notice? · on 08/23/2012 09:24 AM CDT 1554
Halfrida dropped by the empath's last night, apparently Kssarh had dropped by earlier and blown up earlier or something? No clue what was going on with that, maybe something with the incident at the Ranger's Guild that was mentioned? Anyone want to share?

We discussed mental disabilities, getting your brain eaten, literacy, history, and conspiracy theories among other things.

One of the 'Eye's of the empath(think guild investigator or dectective) I guess, being right below Eksharo?

Tried to edit out everything but the relavent conversation. Enjoy.

You ask Elyssari, "Blow up lately?"
You hear a female Human voice ask, "Exploding Moon Mages, exploding packages...could there be a connection, do you think?"
Halfrida says, "The Khalaen were concerned that there might incident, between the Moon Mages' Guild and the Empaths' Guild. But it doesn't seem to have required my intervention after all."
Elyssari asks, "Why would they not have sent a representative while Kssarh was here?"
Halfrida wryly says, "He dropped in unexpectedly."
Halfrida says, "Or so I understand."
Halfrida sniffs the air around her.
Halfrida says, "I smell ichor. And burned flesh."
Halfrida asks, "More bombs?"
Halfrida says, "Or was it Kssarh? Ah."
Elyssari says, "No bombs lately that I'm aware of."
Elyssari says, "Although it would be nice for some extra wounds about to heal.."
Halfrida says, "That's good...though I would very much like to know who is responsible for them."
You say, "Someone said they saw a white-veiled person once or something."
Elyssari says, "Many assume it is the leaders of the guild hiring someone to bomb the infirmary."
Halfrida blinks at Elyssari.
Halfrida asks, "What?"
Halfrida exclaims, "That's absurd!"
Halfrida asks, "Why?"
Halfrida says, "They are trying to find out who is behind it so they can -stop- the bombings."
Halfrida sighs in exasperation.
Elyssari says to Halfrida, "To make people turn against the lady Asrea perhaps."
You say, "Oh I was supposed to talk to her."
Halfrida says, "Asrea is unfortunately off her rocker, and as paranoid as a cat in a room full of 'em..."
Elyssari says, "Or to create a disruption that will pull other empaths attention away from the words Asrea speaks."
Halfrida says, "But she is no threat to the guild's leadership. Just an unfortunate casualty in a war that was full of them."
Halfrida says, "Her half-baked, unsubstantiated, wild flights of fancy..."
Halfrida mutters to herself.
You say, "I see her try the door."
You say, "The guards don't let her in."
Elyssari asks you, "She doesn't want in, so why would she try the door?"
You look at Elyssari and shrug.
Elyssari says, "From what she tells me, she's quite happy to be apart from the guild now."
Halfrida says, "That was a choice she made for herself, the guild is trying to pressure her into seeking help for her mental problems."
You ask, "So is she bombing the place?"
Halfrida asks, "Asrea?"
Halfrida says, "I don't know."
You ask, "And is it just here?"
Elyssari says, "Asrea couldn't be bombing the guild, she can't get through the doors."
Halfrida says, "Certainly it can't be her doing the bombing, that would be too painful."
You say, "True."
Elyssari asks, "And why would she wish to harm those she says she's trying to help?"
Halfrida says, "She might pay a lackey to do it."
Halfrida asks, "But it doesn't really add up. What would she get out of it?"
Elyssari asks, "So who would benefit from it?"
Marssi says, "I don't think she'd pay someone to bomb people..."
Halfrida says, "From what I have ... gathered, her delusion is focused on Annael and not so much the membership of the guild itself."
Halfrida says, "If Annael were being bombed, that would be a different matter."
Elyssari says to Marssi, "She wants to help the empaths become better, she wouldn't want to kill them."
Halfrida asks, "Has there been any request made that you have heard of?"
Halfrida asks, "Why bomb but then make no ultimatum?"
Elyssari asks, "Why bomb a group of people that can heal themselves?"
Elyssari asks, "Who benefits from bombing the infirmary?"
Elyssari says, "Besides empaths that want more wounds."
You ask, "Healer's union?"
Elyssari says, "And that's only if there are non-empaths in here being wounded."
Halfrida asks, "Healer's Union?"
Marssi asks, "Are they still active?"
Halfrida asks, "Have they made any demands?"
Halfrida asks, "Who is their leader?"
You say, "I haven't seen them in awhile."
Halfrida says, "Hmm."
Marssi says, "Sarkanis used to do a lot of advertising for them."
Marssi says, "I haven't heard her much lately, though."
Halfrida says, "Not enough answers."
Halfrida says, "Well."
Halfrida says, "No Moon Mage diplomatic incidents. No bombings. No information."
Marssi asks, "Are the bombings done at random times?"
You say to Marssi, "Usually right before I walk in."
Elyssari says to Marssi, "From what I've witnessed they've been random."
Elyssari says, "I still feel that the guildleaders benefit the most out of having the distraction."
Elyssari says, "And unless there's an unknown outside party out to get the empaths again...."
Marssi says, "I haven't heard anything like that. I've just heard people trying to pin it on Asrea, which is also silly."
Marssi says, "And I tend to blame Outcasts."
Marssi folds her arms across her chest.
Elyssari says to Halfrida, "We haven't really seen Annael or any of the Khalo in here after a bombing helping to repair the damages."
You say to Elyssari, "I talked to her once."
You say, "She had to pull shrapnel out of her bench."
You say, "Rather upset."
You say, "I mentioned putting in sconces."
Elyssari says, "The poor bench."
Halfrida says, "They have been active, and I know Annael has taken a personal interest in the matter. Hence my involvement in this pretty country dance."
Marssi says, "I'm sure Annael is looking to solve this."
Marssi says, "I know she wouldn't want the empaths here harmed."
Elyssari says, "Sounds reasonable."
You say, "Mentioned asking for Halfrida."
You say, "Actually."
You say, "Look into the matter."
You say, "Kick doors in, smash heads, empath things."
Elyssari asks, "Empaths kick doors in and smash heads?"
You say, "Whatever."
You say, "I'm not much of an empath."
Halfrida says, "Well."
Halfrida says, "Please contact me if you hear any more about who is responsible for these incidents."
Halfrida says, "If you leave a note with Annael, or one of the servant's at Eksharo's residence, it should reach me."
Halfrida says, "Good afternoon."
Khalo rae Aev Halfrida strides east.

You see Khalo rae Aev Halfrida Hegaleth, a Human Empath. Halfrida has a square-jawed face with frown lines around her mouth, wide-set ale-brown eyes and an upturned nose. Her black hair is shoulder length and curly with a white streak running through it, and is worn tied back in an elegant chignon held in place by a carved ironwood haircomb embellished with damaryn pearls. She has dark brown skin and an athletic figure. She is tall for a Human. She appears to be in her prime. She is in good shape.

She is wearing a cowl crafted of heavy dove-grey silk, a silver kyanite gwethdesuan, a silver jadeite gwethdesuan, a supple leather haversack, a dove-grey silk shirt adorned with subtle embroidery, a small hide buckler, a pair of fitted gloves, a heavy silver signet ring bearing the crest of the Empaths' Guild, an albredine crystal ring, a polished leather belt with a throwing dagger hanging from it, a leather hip pouch heavily-beaded in cambrinth with the image of a nightingale in flight, a silver lockpick ring, some snug dove-grey leggings with subtle charcoal piping along each seam, a pair of soft-soled black leather slippers beaded with damaryn pearls and a parry stick.

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