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Re: Anti-Guild Sentiments · on 1/26/2009 2:24:45 PM 622
>>On top of that, we've constructed a Cleric versus Moon Mage development, with an amusingly high (I mean like... ten, maybe) moon mages declaring atheism of one brand or another in a world where such a belief really ought to be a form of insanity.

Properly, Moon Mages aren't as inclined to atheism as anyone. Caelumia was noteworthy for pointing out on the forums that, yes, it is a kind of madness. However, there is still meant to be a tension there. I do mean them to step on each other's toes a little socially and express wildly different ideas of how the greater universe is constructed.

The extreme Moon Mage stance would be that certainly the gods exist. They're just...not all that important, really.

>>It's just a pity it had to end when Srithin used undead, but it seems the guild's (or maybe just the gods') position on undead has been clarified somewhat to allow the use of noncorporeal undead.

There's been some confusion about this, but here's the stance we're currently taking.

The gods do not, unqualifiably, "hate the undead." We have gods that make active use of the undead (hi2u Asketi). If the gods want to curse a soul to forever be denied their final reward, that's their business and who are we to judge?

The gods hate people creating the undead. The more Cleric-friendly stance is that the Necromancers use genuine, Maelshyve-style evil to do the deed, a power from another realm that is antithetical to the continued spiritual and physical survival of life on the Plane of Abiding.

The more Necromancer-friendly stance is that the Necromancers are Promethean figures, who have dared to steal an arbitrary "divine providence" and taken it as the right of mankind.


This message was originally posted in The Clerics - Religions In Elanthia, by DR-ARMIFER on the forums.