Plokks’ Perspicacious Performing Panoply

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Plokks’ Perspicacious Performing Panoply is a free event in the city of Hibarnhvidar held in 2015 as a lead in to Hollow Eve Festival 417.

  • Prime: (October 27 - October 30)


The circus is coming to town! Join Barker Plokks and his performers for the most amazetastic, wonderiferous, fantasterific series of shows and other diversions in their debut of the Perspicacious Performing Panoply! Look for the clearing ringed by a brightly painted caravan and a series of smaller wagons.


10/27/15 @ 7pm EST : Opening Ceremonies for the Circus
10/27/15 @ 8pm EST : Plokks and his Performing Pivuh!
10/27/15 @ 9pm EST : Sword Swallower

10/28/15 @ 8pm EST : Ogre Pantomime!
10/28/15 @ 9pm EST : Waltteri Wirtanen’s Wondrous Trapeze Act

10/29/15 @ 7pm EST : Fit to be Tied!
10/29/15 @ 9pm EST : Carnival of Cats!

Location and Map


See fantastical and amazing performances! All brought to you by Barker Plokks!

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