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This is Mistanna trying to keep you updated on the carnival! But falling behind already, oh well!

Here are the events from Tuesday!

Everything was awesome!

There were some weird gnomes...

Then the show went on!

Here's the record.

A group of excited townsfolks rushes by saying that the parade is still in the streets of the town!

One of the bystanders says, "This is the end of the route! The parade is going through the entire town first."

A horn blares in the distance again and again as something large approaches. The massive trunk of a mammoth suddenly pops into view and is quickly followed by the rest of the behemoth! Acrobats, jugglers and other performers stand atop a platform rigged to the beast, tossing out candies and other treats between performances!

As the mammoth suddenly rears back, a trio of acrobats leaps as one from the platform atop its back and land at different points along its trunk. The massive appendage snaps, sending two of the performers hurtling into the sky at an alarming speed!

The third lights a flaming hoop and casts it into the air at the others as they all too quickly begin their descent!

The two clasp hands and put their feet against one another, forming a ring twice the width of the hoop. At the last second, they come together and plunge through it, landing once again atop the platform and catching the now-extinguished hoop on its way back down!

A loud trumpeting blast sounds from beneath the mammoth as it rears once again. A group of colorfully dressed performers flips from the beast and lands gracefully as the giant front two legs return to the ground. With a series of clinks and puffs of steam, they're suddenly on towering stilts, urging the creature onwards!

Curiously, what looks like the tops of tropical trees come into view over the crowds in the distance. As they approach, the chittering of a dozen Dwarf-sized creatures can be heard. Nearby, you hear someone exclaim, "Oh! It's the paguurs of Taisidon!" A ripple of excitement precedes the jungle-themed float's arrival as many of the locals view the curious creatures for the first time.

A particularly plump paguur quickly descends from the treetops and hops around the float's platform, muttering in a distinctively Dwarven accent as he adjust some of the lighting to better capture the paguurs overhead.

Before long, he pulls back the hood of the costume and waves quickly to the crowds then gestures at the playful paguurs, calling out the name of each. In response, the large-eyed creatures take turns swinging with their prehensile tails to the Dwarf to collect a new handful of treats that they quickly toss to the crowds!

Kaindell takes a bite of the lollipop.

Ephic picks up a festive Lorethew tart in a sweet glaysker glaze.

With a series of barked commands from the costumed Dwarf, a dozen paguurs descend from the treetops and take up positions on either side of him. As one, they bow awkwardly and call out before hastily making their way back up into the float's shadowy heights. Slowly, the jungle float begins to move away as the act begins to repeat itself.

The slow, rhythmic beating of a drum accompanies a chorus of Dwarven chanting as a wide metallic float is pulled into view. The platform comes to a halt, and the chants suddenly explode into a frantic, hasty melody of many voices singing out many parts.

One of the Dwarves breaks free of the pulling team and leaps atop a cage holding a lion. With mighty grunts synchronized to the ongoing chorus, the Dwarf lifts the cage and frees the lion! Slowly, methodically, it emerges from the cage and paces around the entirety of the float, ignoring the crowd completely as it explores its new, larger cage.

The lead Dwarf hops down from the cage and waggles his fingers at first one metal hoop and then another, and each responds by bursting into flame in time with the singing Dwarves below.

Taking it as a cue, the lion leaps atop a podium before the first flaming hoop and pauses to look out over the crowd. A roar bursts from the creature, causing many to shrink back from the flaming float! The noble beast nods, then leaps through the hoop, but its tail droops and catches fire!

With a growl, the lead Dwarf angrily yells, "Durn it Bertle! We been over this, you gotta kick out to get the tail up!" In response, the 'lion' replies in a thick Dwarven accent, "Just shush and come put me out! YOU take a turn in this suit!" Snickers ripple through the Dwarven chanters as the song comes to a confused, unplanned halt.

With its tail still smoking, the Dwarf-turned-lion extinguishes the flaming hoops, doffs his costume and throws it angrily to the ground. "Suit up, I ain't doing it again!" he exclaims as he leaps down and takes up the lead position of the chanters hauling the float. With a sigh, the other Dwarf pulls on the costume and shouts to the crowd, "No harm, folks! All in good fun! We'll have this straightened out before the festivities, don't you worry!" More quietly, he barks something at the singers who start up their chanting again and begin tugging the float slowly away.

A trio of Gor'Tog minstrels, each with an instrument, walks slowly into view. Harnesses linked to thick chains connect the performers to a tiny caravan wagon behind them. They pause their calm melodies, allowing the wagon to slow to a halt.

With nods to one another, the minstrels suddenly burst into frantic, festive music! The wagon begins rocking side to side to the beat of the music, at times leaning so far that the wheels come off the ground! In an explosion of scattered treats, a dozen Gnome-sized clowns somehow tumble out of the contraption, one after another! Wearing suits of vibrantly colored patchwork fabrics, they encircle the wagon before leaping onto the tethered, peddled carts while others continue to leap atop those already seated!

Small horns attached to the handles blare out as they're squeezed while the tiny carts ride in circles around each other and onlookers alike.

The Gnomes leap back and forth from one cart to another as the minstrels' song continues to build to a frantic pace! At last, the act comes to an end with more tossed goodies to the onlookers. Comically, the performers tie their carts back to the wagon and then leap inside one after another. How do they all fit!?

Blasting pipe music punctuated by crashing cymbals heralds the arrival of a brightly painted caravan towing a series of smaller, wheeled platforms. The caravan pauses briefly, allowing the lively music to fill the air for several moments before the Dwarf sitting atop it stands and faces the onlookers.

"Ladies and gentlemen," he calls out loudly, "I am Plokks, and these are my talented performers! Behold!" With a flourish, he removes his hat and tosses handfuls of treats as the platforms behind him spring into action!

As the cheery music continues, the platforms are pulled around the wagon one by one, each showcasing a different act.

Upon the first one, a figure hefts a lengthy blade high up in the air, the light gleaming off of it. He tilts his head and slowly inserts the sword into his mouth, deeper and deeper until surely he's skewering himself! Members of the crowd either gasp or cheer, though one nearby actually faints as the performer removes the sword and calls out, "All is well! Not even a scratch!"

Another pair of platforms passes, one bearing a dancing hiro bear clad in a tutu and the other a Human, waving to the crowds, perched atop a pivuh.

A corpulent ogre mime walks alongside yet another platform carrying a female wood troll who continually bends herself into impossible positions!

Plokks beams at the performers and bobs his head in time with the music. As the final platforms pass by the crowds and circle back to their positions behind his wagon, he calls out, "Barker Plokks, ladies and gentlemen. Remember the name, remember the acts! Come one, come all, come and see these fine folks and more at Plokks' Perspicacious Performing Panoply! Join us at the end, and enjoy!" He tosses another handful of treats from his hat before replacing it atop of his head, settling back into his seat and driving the horses on to another crowd further ahead.

A chubby pivuh in a pink tutu with rainbow painted wings, a sleek pivuh with tiny wings, and a stately pivuh with grey-tinged blue-green scales follow closely behind the performers.

Workers pour into the area as the brightly painted caravan circles back around and settles into a nearby cobbled clearing, followed by several smaller wagons. After a few moments, the bustling activity seems to calm some, and a chorus of voices bellows out, "Plokks' Perspicacious Performing Panoply is now open! Come one, come all!"

[Plokks' Perspicacious Performing Panoply, Midway] Plokks exclaims, "Welcome! Welcome one and all! Ladies and gentle sirs, fearsome adventurers and fine townsfolk! Greetings and most sincere welcome to my wonderiferous, spectaculasious, sensationalrific circus!"

Plokks exclaims, "Come, look around! Plokks' Perspicacious Performing Panoply shall bring such wonderment as to defy the very firmament of imagination itself!"

Plokks beams with pride!

Vyraen softly exclaims to Plokks, "Quite the parade!"

Plokks exclaims, "But of course!"

Plokks exclaims, "In just a few moments, we've some mages that will open stable portals right to this very spot!"

Plokks says, "That way folks will be able to come and go as they please from all over the lands."

Plokks says, "Yes, my pivuh and I will be performing under the big top in not very long from now, so do look around in the meantime! I'm off to ready the little ones."

Plokks waves.

Plokks climbs into the brightly painted caravan, shutting the door behind him.

[Plokks' Perspicacious Performing Panoply, Under the Big Top]

A colorfully costumed Gor'Tog wearing a bright pink wig sticks her head into the tent and says, "Show is starting real soon! Please remember to not move around lots or be real loud. It bothers the pivuh." With a nod that makes her wig bobble, the woman disappears back beyond the flap.

Barker Plokks just arrived.

Plokks surveys the crowd then exclaims, "Welcome! Welcome everyone!" With dramatic flair, the Dwarf beams happily and throws his stubby arms wide as he moves onto the platform.

Turning back to the audience, Plokks says, "For those unfamiliar --," he pauses and winks before continuing, "and even for those who are -- Plokks is the name, and what you're about to see on this fine, fine occasion may stupefy the senses! But worry not, 'tis but your brain trying to take in all the awe all at once!"

Plokks grins broadly, exposing several missing teeth.

Plokks exclaims, "Awe, I say! Awe and amazement! For my wonderiferous creatures are about to perform such indescribable feats of fantasy that mere words do them no justice! Tame as newborn babes! Glorious as a sunrise reflected upon Eluned's most placid waters!"

Plokks doffs his hat and gestures with it, his bald pate glistening under the lights as he says, "Well now, looking out upon your rapturous faces, I can see you are most ready! Most ready indeed! So then "

Plokks throws his head back and exclaims, "On with the show!"

With a deep bow, Plokks rolls his top hat first down one arm, then up the other before sending it into the air with a twitch of his shoulders! He catches the top hat squarely on his head, then taps his emerald-inlaid box, causing it to play a delicate wavering tune.

A chubby pivuh with rainbow painted wings comes fluttering into the tent. Her pink tutu flounces as she makes her way to the platform and takes to it with a graceful, gliding leap, landing on her scaly back feet to be in an upright position.

The strange lizard-like creature seems almost in a trance as she spreads her brightly colored wings wide and begins a series of perfect spins that transition into a precise rendition of courtly dance.

The pudgy pivuh prances prettily, her puffy skirt bouncing up and down in time to the tinkling music.

Plokks strides toward the dancing creature, kneeling suddenly and extending one arm.

With a twirl, the pivuh leaps forward, landing on Plokks' outstretched arm with one back foot! The Dwarf winces ever so slightly before his broad grin returns.

The pivuh seems to nearly hover between dainty bounces as she makes her way up to Plokks head, tipping the Dwarf's top hat over. With a practiced hand, Plokks snatches his hat out of the air!

Seemingly propelling herself with a flashy display of wing work, the pivuh begins to spin upon Plokks' shiny head, her fanged jaws spreading wide as she lets loose a towering spray of emerald-hued flames straight into the air!

With a showy jump, the chubby, tutu-clad pivuh tucks her scaly chin and tumbles forward, landing on the platform behind Plokks. With a bow, he extracts himself to the far side, allowing her the spotlight alone.

The creature begins to sway in time to the music, her bejeweled costume catching the light to produce a rainbow of sparkles.

The tinny, flute-like music issuing forth from Plokks' emerald-inlaid box becomes faster and the pivuh's dance changes to match it perfectly. She starts to leap and twist, accenting her elaborate movements with controlled bursts of flame to create glorious arcs of color and light!

Lit by a particularly bright gout of emerald fire, a pair of previously unseen Gnomes catches your eye moving about in the tent's upper supports, blackened metal objects attached to their backs. Noticing that their cover is compromised, they quickly scramble into a dark spot once more.

The chubby pivuh suddenly stops, turns towards Plokks, and runs, using her forward momentum to throw herself into a flying leap in his direction -- by all appearances looking as though she'll crash right into him!

You ponder what the gnomes are up to.

She flares her wings, showing off the rainbow that follows their shape.

Careening directly at Plokks, the creature makes a sudden, yet elegant, series of motions with her wings, somehow managing to land on his outstretched hands!

The chubby pivuh poses there for a moment, her snout held high and her forelegs stretched above her head as Plokks proudly pronounces, "Peony, ladies and gentlemen!"

Slowly fading, the music of the emerald-inlaid box ends and the pivuh flutters to the ground. She gives a little parting twirl as she exits the tent.

Plokks exclaims, "Next, a lesson in manners! Lord Fillingsworth has been despairing over the state of society these days, and would like a moment of your time to act as a bit of an example for those who have been unfortunate enough to have not undergone proper training in the finer points of life."

Plokks moves to the side of the platform, smiling in anticipation.

A stately pivuh with grey-tinged blue-green scales marches into the tent and up onto the platform, stopping in its center. With as haughty an expression as can be mustered on his lizard-like face, he uses his wings and forelegs to smooth his cravat into place and nods to the crowd.

Standing upon his hind legs only, the pivuh bows, sweeping his wings out in a rendition of a truly elegant and respectful stance fit for even an audience with royalty.

Just then, a tiny pivuh with brilliant blue-green scales creeps silently through the crowd and onto the platform and, with one swift kick, pushes the stately pivuh right over onto his face, causing his rump to point into the air in a most undignified fashion!

The cravat-wearing pivuh lets out an agitated grunt as he stands himself back up and bows to the crowd as if in apology, seemingly ignoring the smaller pivuh now bouncing around in the background.

The stately pivuh begins what looks to be a pantomimed lesson in proper silverware use and the other pivuh rushes forward once more, grabbing hold of his cravat with tiny jaws and tugging mightily!

Snout firmly planted in the air, the first pivuh initially ignores the other's antics, but, as more and more fabric just keeps getting pulled from his neck, he finally gives in and starts discreetly pushing at the smaller pivuh with one foot, trying to shoo him away.

Undaunted, the brilliant blue-green pivuh moves just outside of the range of his target s foot and continues to pull. Then, with a flick of one wing, he suddenly zooms across the platform causing a gigantic streamer of fabric to trail behind him and the other pivuh to twirl about until there s nothing left attached to his neck at all!

Safely on the other side of the platform, the smaller pivuh spits out the end of the now-former cravat and rolls around on the ground in a display of what you can only assume is its version of laughter!

With a disgusted look on his face, the older-looking pivuh throws his wings upward then bum-rushes his smaller, still rolling peer, biting him squarely on the backside!

Looking very put out, the stately pivuh snatches the strewn fabric up with his mouth and marches back out of the tent, the smaller pivuh following behind him -- at a safe distance.

Plokks grins broadly, exposing several missing teeth. With a wink he exclaims, "Lord Fillingsworth and his assistant Sammi!"

The garishly dressed Dwarf says, "Did you know that most pivuh are not capable of true flight? Our next act puts that fact to the test!"

Plokks continues, "You fine, fine folks might remember Peony from her dance at the start of our show, but now she's joined by her partner Dreglen for an even more fantasterlicious act still! Brace yourselves, ladies and gents!"

Plokks gestures to the open tent flap and dramatically jumps to one side, his arms outstretched! A large pivuh swoops into the opening, followed by a chubby pivuh with rainbow painted wings. The pair land in an artful tumble then race up to the platform to stand at either side of the Dwarf.

Plokks beams with pride before stepping back to let the two pivuh have the spotlight.

The large pivuh seems to brace himself into a sturdy squat. As if by sheer force of will, he pushes up off his back legs, tipping himself forward until resting solely on his forelegs. He takes a few staggering steps around, his stubby front legs quivering slightly and his head held awkwardly to the side.

Plokks places a chair on the platform.

Still balancing on his forelimbs, the large pivuh clamps his mouth down on the leg of the chair and drags it a few paces away. The chubby female pivuh remains in her original position, her powerful tail swishing back and forth as she awaits her cue.

With a nod from her partner, the rainbow-winged pivuh begins a series of backflips, each higher than the last! As she nears the larger pivuh, he too vaults upward, landing on the chair with his back feet still in the air!

The female pivuh then makes her final landing upon the male, foot-to-foot. She gives a few sturdy flaps from her wings to regain her balance before flaring them out proudly for all to see.

The larger pivuh suddenly curls up as the other one leaps into the air! He begins to kick and kick, sending the chubby pivuh into a series of tumbles in time with his movements.

With one final kick, the large pivuh stands himself upright once more as the female manages to grasp a trapeze bar in her mouth! The larger pivuh then pushes off of the chair with a powerful thrust, his wings beating mightily to aid in his ascent.

Just as he looks unable to maintain the upward momentum, he reaches the smaller pivuh's feet and clamps on to one with his mouth! She kicks her leg upward and he lets go, flying high above the crowd, his wings stretched wide.

The female swings her chubby, scaled body back and forth, gaining altitude with each arc. She abruptly lets go of the bar and glides gracefully on outstretched wings to meet the larger pivuh as he descends.

The two touch noses, then begin rhythmic flaps to slow their downward glide.

With a few aerial twirls, the pair lands on all fours upon the platform again!

Plokks hoots excitedly then says, "Dreglan and Peony, everyone! Let's hear it for the acrobatical pair!"

Plokks gestures to the two pivuh, who have busied themselves dragging the chair out of the way before returning to stand next to their trainer.

Plokks turns toward the smaller, chubby pivuh, giving her a series of whistles and clicks that spurs her to exit the tent. The large pivuh stands at attention, not straying from Plokks' side.

Plokks says, "Now we near the end of our show. Only two acts left, ladies and gents! But do not despair, for wonder and awe abounds yet still! Next up, a break from the excitement for a little mirth!"

Plokks gestures at the large pivuh beside him and says, "Dreglan here is a bit of a ladies' man! From Peony, now to Glenda, he prefers his performing partners to be of the fairer sort."

With a sly wink Plokks adds, "I'm sure you all out there understand, even if your tastes run a might bit less scaly or four legged!"

Plokks chuckles merrily, his eyes glinting with warmth. A tiny pivuh with gracefully curving wings prances into the tent and onto the platform, taking her place next to the large pivuh.

Plokks flamboyantly strews brightly colored confetti around the paired creatures.

A large pivuh trundles about the platform, flapping his wings wildly!

Taking it as some sort of challenge, the little pivuh begins flapping her wings furiously as she charges after the larger one. The male takes notice and, spinning around, suddenly starts stirring up a small storm of confetti in his efforts to lift himself into the air!

Flailing her gracefully curved wings, the little pivuh stirs up her own confetti storm that quickly overtakes the other as she launches herself into the air briefly!

As if the exertion was suddenly too much, the tiny pivuh suddenly stops flapping her wings and comes crashing down right on top of the larger pivuh! The large male scrambles away quickly, glancing balefully back at her.

A honking noise blares loudly in your ears as you notice the large pivuh chomping on a small bladder attached to a brass horn!

With each successive bite, the horn emits an increasingly obnoxious sound, causing the tiny pivuh to startle and fall down!

The rainbow-winged pivuh shakes her head and wings comically, as if trying to blot out the cacophony. Suddenly, she launches herself up, fanning her wings out for balance, and begins a pirouette -- until her tail comes around and whaps the larger pivuh right in the snout!

The large pivuh blinks with a dazed expression on his reptilian face and shakes his head as if trying to clear it. As he regains his senses, he turns and chases the tiny pivuh, honking his horn over and over, sending them both wending through the crowd, then back around in loops circling Plokks, who looks on with merry laughter!

The pair continue their chase for several minutes, bumping into audience members, the platform, and each other many times before finally zooming directly out through the tent flap!

Plokks laughs loudly, his rough hands slapping at his thighs as he throws his head back! He regains his composure, chuckling to himself as he begins to speak, and exclaims, "Now, for our final act!"

Lowering his usually booming voice into a stage whisper, Plokks speaks with an earnest tone and says, "Folks, I must warn you. So startling, so exciting, so fantastical is our final act for this performance that the faint of heart amongst you may wish to sit right on down in advance, else they fall over from the overwhelming splendoriciousness!"

With great fanfare, Plokks sets up a series of overturned crates before some blackened rings reeking of naphtha, and scatters a few smaller props along the platform. He backs away, waving his hands outward.

Plokks cries out, "Shish! Come bring the heat!"

A plump pivuh costumed in a glittery-black chola top and matching tutu jumps through the tent flap and bounds up to stop next to the Dwarf on the platform.

The pivuh perches herself atop a small overturned crate just in front of three blackened rings.

The strong scent of naphtha wafts through the air.

At a word from Plokks, the costumed pivuh suddenly belches out a roaring conflagration of emerald-colored flames! The nearby rings quickly burst ablaze with a loud WWWHOOOPH!

Neatly, the plump pivuh dismounts from the crate and moves away from the rings. Turning around, her gaze falls on a nearby set of metallic juggling pins!

After gathering them together with nudges from her snout, the portly creature grabs them with her powerful jaws and tosses the set of pins into the air! As the fall, she lets loose another blast of emerald-hued flames, catching them all on fire.

One by one, she catches the flaming pins then, with artful tosses of her head, sends them careening back upward, some dangerously close to the trapeze and even the ceiling of the tent itself!

Plokks turns to the audience and says, "Fear not, dear spectators! I assure you that everything is quite well fireproofed!" He pauses for a moment then adds with a shrug, "Well, last I checked anyway."

Again and again the plump, winged creature repeats her catches and throws with uncanny precision, then suddenly turns her head and begins flinging them right at Plokks!

A horrified expression crosses the Dwarf s face but passes with a wink as he pulls out a strange-looking horn and deftly points it at the incoming pins. Plokks expels jolts of frigid air from the device as each flaming projectile nears him, catching the now harmless props in his other hand with nary a pause!

As he does this, the pivuh hunkers down then runs at breakneck speed towards the still-burning hoops!

Breaking from her gallop, she launches herself into the air, flapping her garish wings to aid her jump as she passes through one ring...

two rings...

Just as the pudgy pivuh approaches the third ring, her angle of descent grows so sharp it appears that she won't make it!

The raging flames enveloping the final ring surge and dance, highlighting the pivuh's precarious positioning all the more.

With seemingly practiced motions, she flaps wildly at the air with her outstretched wings, at the last second managing to pull herself upward just enough that she barely skims over the bottom of the third ring before coming to a skidding halt as she hits the far side of the platform!

With a tiny flutter of her wings, the costumed creature belches a smaller burst of emerald fire up into the air and trundles over to Plokks.

Plokks sweeps the plump pivuh up into his arms, patting her on her belly and setting her down at the side of the platform.

After extinguishing them, Plokks passes each of the three rings to the pivuh in succession, and she tosses them one-by-one into the air before catching them again in her jaws. She then prances out of the tent, rings held aloft.

Plokks stows the juggling pins and moves the crates out of the way with a practiced hand, turning and bowing to the crowd.

Plokks exclaims, "Shish! Fiery wonder!"

Plokks grins broadly and exclaims, "Thank you! Thank all of you fine and fabulous folks! My little ones and I hope you found yourself most pleased with our show, and we look forward to seeing your faces at our next wonderiferous performance!"

Plokks steps down from the platform.

Plokks bows.

Plokks says, "There's another show in just a bit longer folks!"

Plokks says, "Severius comes to wow you yet further!"

Plokks smiles very broadly.

Plokks says, "You folks feel free to check out the other games and shops on the midway in the meantime, or get yourselves some snacks from the cart!"

You ask Plokks, "I think I saw some gnomes climbing about earlier... You might want to just double check... fastenings and stuff, maybe?"

Plokks frowns.

Plokks asks you, "In the rafters?"

You nod to Plokks.

Sonjaa gazes upward.

You point up.

Zevazi says to Plokks, "Thank you again."

Plokks exclaims to Ziuorjorp, "Not a trouble, sir. Excitement gets the better of us all at times!"

Plokks glances up at the tent's ceiling.

Plokks and Sophrona highfive each other.

Klejotogars exclaims to Plokks, "The show went well. It was fantastic!"

Sophrona exclaims, "Great show, Plokks!"

Plokks looks slightly distracted as he stares upward.

Plokks coughs.

Plokks exclaims, "Oh! Yes! I'm glad you enjoyed it!"

Kerenelle says, "Your pivuhs are awesome, Plokks."

Klejotogars says to Plokks, "I think I saw a gnome up there."

Plokks exclaims, "Much more to come!"

Vaniotte asks Plokks, "Is there anything we can assist you with?"

Kerenelle says, "I saw the gnomes, too."

Plokks says, "I... I'm just going to go check on a few things. Yes. Just a few things."

Aashja exclaims to Plokks, "Looking forward to the excitement yet to follow!"

Plokks looks a bit nervous as he rushes out of te tent.

[Plokks' Perspicacious Performing Panoply, Under the Big Top]

Severius enters the tent through a small flap in the side of the tent, taking long strides toward the platform, he hops up on it quickly, then moves slowly toward the center.

Severius waves.

Severius removes the over-sized scabbard from over his shoulder and sets it on the platform. He gives the scabbard a quick wink then lets go, and the scabbard stands straight up after wavering slightly.

Severius grins.

Walking from one side of the platform to the other, Severius carefully tests the structure's sturdiness. He then stops in the middle, and walks to the front edge, and looks out at the crowd.

Severius emphatically exclaims, "Welcome everyone to Plokks' Perspicacious Performing Panoply!"

Severius confidently exclaims, "My name is Severius! I have travelled far and wide, even to worlds not known to the likes of you. I've met more people than I care to remember, seen the most wondrous things, and shared my art with the strangest of races!"

Severius confidently exclaims, "Today, the great Barker Plokks has brought me here to share with you my glorious art. I will attempt to show you, without too much blood or gore, that it is possible to poke the pit of my stomach with those sharp swords you use to mangle critters, or carve intricate designs!"

Severius walks to his scabbard near the back of the platform, removes a thin glaes dagger, and quickly returns to the front holding the dagger high for everyone to see.

Severius waves a thin glaes dagger with a carved oak hilt around.

Severius taps a thin glaes dagger with a carved oak hilt that he is holding.

Larienna says, "Nice dagger."

Severius nods at Larienna, obviously agreeing with her views.

Jaenor asks, "How do we know the dagger is real?"

Jaenor says, "I should examine it."

Severius shows Jaenor his glaes dagger.

Jaenor stretches out a hand imploringly to Severius.

Severius winks.

Jaenor begins to carefully examine a thin glaes dagger with a carved oak hilt.

Severius asks, "Please examine?"

Severius nods.

Jaenor says, "Very nice."

Jaenor says, "But It would be better if I could hold it."

Jaenor hums an innocent tune.

Severius confidently says, "Now, people say that the ability to survive the ingesting of these instruments of death serves to bring one closer to the Gods, and to immortality."

Severius coyly exclaims, "I say these people are foolish. This "art" has only made me closer more Empaths, and quite at home in the infirmary!"

Severius grins wryly.

Severius raises the thin dagger to his lips. Whispers something inaudible to the blade, and holds it out toward the crowd.

Severius casually observes the area.

Severius nervously asks, "Is this something you all are interested in seeing?"

Severius tilts his chin slightly up, and holds the dagger's hilt as high as his mouth, allowing the blade to rest near the side of his neck, and slightly onto his chest.

Sticking his tongue out flat against his chin, and leaning forward to give a better look, Severius places the flat part of the dagger's blade against his tongue, and slowly runs it back and forth before flipping it over, and doing the same with the reverse side.

Severius starts to tilt his chin up, but suddenly lowers it, looking around the tent with his beady eyes.

Severius sarcastically asks, "Are you all really sure this is something you want to see?"

Severius covers his eyes with his hand.

In one fluid motion, Severius tilts his chin up exposing the intricate tattooing on his neck, while bringing the glaes dagger above him. He then positions the tip of the dagger between his teeth, bites down, and releases his grip.

Severius closes his lips around the blade, allowing the blade to start moving slowly downward. The musculature in his neck contracts suddenly, slowing the blades progress to a steady crawl until it stops moving when the hilt of the dagger reaches his lips.

Severius then bends over at the waist straight toward the crowd. He pivots right and then left, giving everyone a good view of the dagger's hilt resting upon his lips.

Standing himself upright again, Severius grabs the hilt of the dagger. In a slow, smooth motion, he pulls the dagger straight up and out of his throat.

Severius rushes around the platform pumping his empty fist and waving the dagger wildly in the air!

Severius gets an impish expression on his face, and lets out a hearty cheer.

Severius bows.

Rhodium says to Severius, "You could've died."

Severius grins at Rhodium. > Ephic gags horribly and gasps for air!

Severius exclaims, "Quite possibly!"

Aislynn quietly asks Severius, "Are you sure you aren't bleeding internally?"

With a flick of his wrist, Severius tosses the dagger toward the scabbard. It misses the scabbard, but the tip of the dagger lodges itself firmly into the platform.

Severius blushes a bright red color.

Severius distractedly exclaims, "Sometimes things don't work out as planned, but at least you can see that it's sharp!"

Severius points at a thin glaes dagger with a carved oak hilt that is stuck into the platform on the floor.

Severius walks over to the dagger, pulls it out of the platform, and places it into the scabbard.

Severius regretfully says, "Now, some of you may be thinking to yourselves, "That's kind of child's play, it's not that big and may not even be that sharp."

Severius confidently exclaims, "I assure you, all of the weapons I'm showing you today have been thoroughly checked out by the infamous Yalda, and are indeed sharp, and in pristine condition!"

Aislynn quietly says, "Yalda certainly knows her stuff."

Severius nods at Aislynn, obviously agreeing with her views.

Severius walks over to the scabbard and pulls out a polished steel baselard, then returns to the front of the platform.

Severius confidently exclaims, "And now for something a bit longer! The blade of this baselard measures just over two spans as you can see!"

Pulling a yardstick from his belt, Severius holds it up to the blade of the baselard and holds it up for all to see. Severius returns the yardstick to his belt, continuing to hold the baselard up high.

Without missing a beat, Severius sticks out his tongue, flat to his chin. He then runs both of the surfaces of the baselard back and forth across his tongue from tip to hilt.

In one flawless movement, Severius tilts his chin up, again showing the intricate flame tattooing on his neck which is now glistening with sweat. He takes the tip of the baselard to his lips, and allows it to slowly descend into his throat ever so carefully until the hilt stops at his lips.

Severius bends forward at the waist, and pivots right and left, showing only the hilt remaining outside of his mouth!

Severius rights himself, and slowly pulls up on the baselard until it's completely free of his body.

Severius painfully exclaims, "And now I am no longer hungry!"

Severius chortles softly at some secret joke.

Severius confidently says, "I'd like to try something a little more exciting for you all. If you could make your way up to the platform here to get as close of a look as possible."

Severius walks back to the scabbard, replaces the baselard, slowly pulls out a gold bladed kris with a black handle and returns to the front of the platform.

(Aislynn sits on her hands and resists the urge to heal the metal-hungry crazy man.)

Holding his kris high in the air, Severius runs a finger back and forth along the distorted edge of the gold blade.

Severius loudly exclaims, "Undoubtedly you all know the familiar shape of a kris. Can you imagine? Yes! You can! I'll show you exactly what you are thinking!"

Severius loudly exclaims, "Gather close! You're not going to want to miss this!"

Once again, chin to the ceiling, exposing the now gleaming flames tattooed underneath, Severius puts the kris to his lips and allows it to slide down his throat even slower than before.

As the kris slides down Severius' throat, the bright flames on his neck move back and forth in a hypnotic dance, reacting to the waves of the blade plunging down his gullet.

Almost as soon as the hilt of the kris hits his lips, Severius begins to extract the sword just as slowly, continuing the effect of writhing flames on his neck until the knife is completely free of his mouth.

Severius raises the kris up high above his head and gives a loud RRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWRRRRRR!

Severius gets an impish expression on his face, and lets out a hearty cheer.

Severius walks to the scabbard and sheathes the kris with one hand, simultaneously pulling out a highly polished steel greatsword with the other in a single fluid movement. He returns to the front of the platform with the greatsword held high in both hands.

Severius taps a highly polished steel greatsword with a leather wrapped hilt that he is holding.

Severius winks.

Severius waves a highly polished steel greatsword with a leather wrapped hilt around.

Severius loudly asks, "How many of you out there want to see me down this greatsword!?"

Severius loudly exclaims, "I'm talking from the tip to hilt here!"

Walking from one side of the platform to the other, Severius holds the greatsword above his head showing off it's incredible length.

Miskton grins.

Rhodium says, "I suppose I trust you at this point."

Hnot asks, "Are you um, tall rnough?"

Sylvain says, "Oh, dear."

You say, "Thats uh... I mean."

You ask, "Hollow leg?"

Severius exclaims, "Come on now, who wants to see this?!"

Severius loudly exclaims, "You are all real bunch of sadists! You realize that blade is longer than my entire torso? It would kill me!"

Severius chuckles.

Alecz says, "Just the tip, then."

Caidie bursts out in a sudden snort of laughter.

You look at Alecz and sigh.

Severius says, "Sick, just sick...."

Severius shakes his head.

Evro exclaims to Severius, "You chose this life!"

Itala says to Severius, "I've seen people survive worse long enough to get to an empath."

Severius chortles softly at some secret joke.

Severius confidently exclaims, "Instead of assured impalement, I'll try something a little different for my finale here. I use that term with caution, because I don't want it to be the end of me!"

Severius wanders slowly back to the scabbard and replaces the greatsword, and pulls out a curved blade. As thick and long as the first dagger, but curved even more than a scimitar, Severius holds the tyrium blade high above his head as he walks back to the front of the platform.

Severius taps a curved tyrium blade with a silverwood hilt that he is holding.

Ruea says, "Okay, I have some concerns now."

Meantermel asks, "Only now?"

Severius asks, "Please examine?"

Meantermel says to Severius, "There is NO way you can swallow that."

Severius shows Zevazi his tyrium blade.

Zevazi winces.

Severius confidently exclaims, "As you can see, this blade is far from straight, or easy to swallow. Many places have barred me from this last act, as they have deemed it "Too Dangerous!"

Holding the blade in front of him as if it were inserted into his mouth, it curves to his right, the tip nearly touching his shoulder.

Severius confidently exclaims, "If I were to ingest this blade while upright, there's no telling what kind of internal damage will be done!"

Severius bends his torso slowly to his right, until his body nearly matches the curve of the tyrium blade still held in front of him. He then rights himself and the tip of the blade is once again pointing at his shoulder.

Severius carefully says, "The swallowing of this sword, requires the extreme curvature of my entire body. I do have one request though, as this takes an immense amount of concentration on my part, please hold your applause until the blade is completely free of my body."

Jessalyne quietly says, "I can't watch someone tell me when it's over."

Severius says, "Also, don't make me laugh, it hurts when it comes out my nose."

Severius winks.

Severius sticks his tongue out flat against his chin once more, and runs both surfaces of the curved blade along it. He holds the blade high over his head as he raises his chin upward, and pauses with the tip of the tyrium blade just touching his lips.

As he closes his eyes tightly, Severius lets the sword start to descend into his throat. In one fluid motion, Severius bends his body sharply to the right, as the blade completely disappears into his body! Severius opens his eyes and stares out at the crowd.

Someone in the crowd SNEEZES loudly.

A pained look comes from Severius' face as he holds a solitary finger on his left hand straight up in the air. He brings his right hand back up to the hilt of the blade and slowly removes it as he straightens his torso in the same seamless motion.

Severius holds the curved blade high above his head and lets out a roar! A single drop of blood releases from the tip of the blade and splatters on his forehead! Severius glances down, and rubs his abdomen gently, and gives a slight cough.

You see Sword Swallower Severius, a Human. Severius has a softly angular face with chiseled jawline and deep smile lines around his eyelids, beady jade eyes and an upturned nose. His white-streaked mouse brown hair is very long, and is worn arranged in tight dreadlocks. He has pale skin and an athletic build. He is average height for a Human. He appears to be an adult. His arm has a tattoo of leaping flames that start at each wrist and climb over the elbows, completely engulfing his arms in a giant pyre. The red, orange, and yellow flames dance up and over his shoulders where they merge together and completely consume his neck, the bright tips of the inferno ending just beneath his chin.

He has severely swollen and bruised abdomen. He is bleeding with discoloration in the abdomen.

He is holding a curved tyrium blade with a silverwood hilt in his right hand. He is wearing a black leather vest with polished silver buttons, a wide leather belt set with polished silver spikes, an iron yardstick, some tight black leather pants with holes in the knees and some black sandals.

Severius grasps his abdomen gently.

Kerenelle lays her hand on Severius's arm.

Severius weakly asks, "It doesn't always go as planned, but it could have been worse?"

Severius chuckles.

Severius coughs.

Miskton says, "Probably the most expensive meal I've ever seen."

Severius walks quickly over to his scabbard and sheathes the curved blade, picks up the scabbard and walks back to the front of the platform.

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