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PPPP Log - 10/28/2015 · on 10/30/2015 01:45 AM CDT 4064
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Extra thanks to Aislynn for the log data from Wednesday!

Here you go!

A Gor'Tog clown runs into the tent carrying a fancifully dressed Gnome with one arm while a similarly clad Dwarf sits on his shoulders.

The clown stops just in front of the platform and the three speak as if one, saying, "We welcome you! We welcome you! Come see, come see -- come see what sights we bring! Behold, an ogre like none other! We give you -- Pogorf the Silent!"

With a quick flex of his bicep, the clown sends the Gnome flying upwards! She's caught by the Dwarf and the trio makes a hasty exit from the tent.

The gaethzen orbs dim in unison, leaving the entire tent shrouded in shadows for several moments until, slowly, the orbs brighten in increments that bring to mind the dawning of a new day.

As the light returns, you see that laying on the platform is a corpulent ogre wearing a heavy application of pale makeup and, save for his pure white gloves, dressed entirely in black and white striped clothing.

With a silent yawn, the ogre rolls to one side and curls up as if nuzzling into a blanket. Exaggerated facial movements mimic snoring, though no sound is produced.

Pogorf suddenly wiggles a bit in his position on the platform, screwing up his face and batting with one hand at some unseen object near his head. Scowling, the ogre tosses his imaginary blanket to one side and sits up angrily, glaring around the area!

His surly expression morphs into a startled look of recognition then finally into joy. Pogorf moves as if scooping up a small, delicate object, and begins to pet the air just above his arm in smooth, gentle strokes.

A silent yawn accompanies a final pat of the air before the pantomimed creature is lowered to the platform. The ogre stretches languidly, then gets up from his imaginary bed, tidying the nonexistent linens.

The chore complete, Pogorf mimics the motions of getting dressed, exaggerating them for effect and at one point seeming to mightily struggle with fastening a too-tight pair of pants over his copious belly.

Just when it looks as though he can't manage the fit, Pogorf soundlessly inhales a great breath and holds himself rigid while looking as though he has finally won his battle.

With a satisfied smile, the ogre exhales, pushing his stomach outward until it bulges with comic proportions and turning to look at himself admiringly in an imaginary mirror.

He nods at where his reflection should be, then grasps and turns a bit of air, moves his arm as if opening a door, takes a step, and closes the non-door behind him.

Pogorf beams as he walks in place for a several moments, inclining his head and mouthing greetings to both his left and his right. With a little wave and glance over one shoulder, he continues his stroll for a few more paces before recoiling with a jolt and covering his head with both arms!

The unseen storm seems to get worse and worse, evidenced by the ogre's valiant efforts to shelter himself beneath the hood of his imaginary cloak only for it to blow back off of his head almost immediately!

He grabs at the air and moves as if yanking it forward and holding it in place, hunkers down, then runs in place with long, slow-motion strokes of his legs.

Finally coming to a stop, Pogorf looks around above his head cautiously then lets loose a silent sigh of relief. With a far more relaxed posture, the ogre sets to shaking out his non-existent cloak and smoothing it into place.

Out of nowhere, a startled, defensive look comes over the mime's face and he shrinks away from some unseen thing. He shakes his head and makes demurring, conciliatory gestures while carrying on a soundless conversation with the air, obviously trying to avoid further confrontation.

A humble, sheepish smile crosses his painted lips and after a little bow Pogorf goes to turn away -- only to have his head jolted as if hit!

Reeling from the impact, the ogre stumbles about and falls to the platform, shaking his head.

His senses gathered, he gingerly touches his head, winces, and then scowls. The ogre flails his arms and mouths angry-looking, though still quiet silent, words towards the audience.

Pogorf jumps to his feet, wobbling a bit at first and rubbing his head.

The argument continues, all wild gestures and posturing on the mime's part, for a few more moments, and it becomes clear that he's demanding an apology from the other party to no avail.

An offended expression crosses the ogre's face, creasing his heavy makeup for a brief instant before transforming into a fearsome snarl!

He stomps with purpose but no sound, huffing up to his unseen foe while rolling his shirtsleeves back and balling his hands into fists. Chest puffed, Pogorf looms menacingly, glaring over the edge of the platform!

Looking more beast than man, he straightens his neck and twists his mouth wide! In place of the expected roar, however, comes nothing but a tiny, quiet squeeeeeeeek.

Pogorf silently gasps and covers his mouth.

With a sheepish shrug, he pulls out a bouquet of silken flowers from his sleeve and offers them to his opponent then suddenly flies backward, landing on his rump!

Dejectedly, the ogre hangs his head appears to be weeping until he throws his head back in riotous laughter!

He leaps to his feet and lands with surprising grace for someone of his heft. With a wide smile, he then begins to mimic clapping, stopping to pat himself on the back.

Pogorf executes a series of exaggerated bows, then bounds off of the platform and out of the tent, blowing kisses to the crowd and waving as he leaves.

A hunched tutu-clad hiro bear rolls through the open tent flap, balanced atop a large purple ball! Once inside, the creature stretches back up to its full, and rather impressive, height and makes its way through the crowd then up a ramp that leads to the central platform.

The bear's fur gleams with an icy sheen as it spins in place on the ball.

J> look bear The magnificent specimen's muscular form and predatory demeanor are softened considerably by a frilly, bright pink faesilk skirt and matching collar, which stand out against its pristine white fur coat. A cream-white fez embellished with pink sapphires rests atop her head, secured by a thin faesilk strap.

Several burly Gor'Togs step forward and glare at a few members of the crowd.

With a powerful leap, the ursine performer dismounts, landing on the platform with such force as to shake the ground beneath your feet! It inclines its head in what almost looks like a bashful manner, then begins to dance in earnest.

Suddenly, several costumed Dwarves leap down from their hidden perch upon the the upper tent supports, their long, braided beards waving about wildly as they descend! Each has a name emblazoned across their shirt in diamonds that glimmer in the light -- Ankar, Bertle, Enkwart, and Lulu.

The first Dwarf catches the trapeze, his weight and momentum causing it to swing outward in a wide arcs across the audience!

He catches the second, third, and fourth Dwarves, then, with each pass back over the platform, one leaps off to land on the still-dancing bear's back until they re all assembled upon the great beast in a tower of Dwarven might!

The tower of Dwarves begins a low, tonal chant, their voices combining with the flutes to create a powerful, resonate effect that lends depth to the upbeat song.

The bear dances and dances, completely unfazed by its new companions.

One of the Dwarves produces a small drum and adds yet another layer to the music with her steady rhythm as the flutes recede.

Just then, the bear lets loose a ferocious growl, and a trio of other hiro bears marches into the tent! Though each somewhat smaller than the one on the platform, they all are wearing similar outfits.

As the bears approach, three of the Dwarves jump into the air in succession! The dancing bear uses her forepaws to give each a boost, sending them towards their targets. The now airborne performers grab sections of their braided beards and pull, releasing small wing-like attachments that they manipulate with their arms to steady their movements.

One by one, each of the flying Dwarves lands on a different bear and the performers all filter out of the tent in a procession of tutus, fur, and beards.

A Gor'Tog clown sticks his head in the tent and bellows, "Darts until the next show! Come get 'em!"

A trio of women run past talking among themselves, you hear the words "Trapeze!" and "Waltteri!" A bit latter a larger gaggle of girls goes by, giggling about the "Amazing Aerialist Waltteri Wirtanen." Maybe you should follow them to find out what the fuss is all about? (OOC: This show starts at 9 PM Eastern under the Big Top in the High Meadow.)

From somewhere nearby an announcer calls out, "And now for the wonderous! The amazing! The Aerialist Waltteri Wirtanen!"

Waltteri strides into the center of the room, his cape swirling elegantly around his legs.

Waltteri takes a deep bow to the audience a huge smile revealing white teeth.

Waltteri exclaims, "Thank you all! Thank you!"

Waltteri exclaims, "I will awe you with my trapeze stylings on this fine day!"

Waltteri sweeps one arm to the side to indicate the trapeze bar being lowered from the ceiling by the circus workers.

Waltteri exclaims, "But first my lovely assistant will please relieve me of my cape!"

Waltteri stands there his arms spread outward waiting.

A group of circus hands glance around, whispering among one another nervously.

Waltteri clears his throat and says loudly, "And now my lovely assistant will take my cape!

Finally one of the circus hands separates himself from the group, a burly Gor'Tog. He glances around before giving a shrug and striding across the space to Waltteri.

The towering Gor'Tog comes up behind Waltteri and with surprising care removes the cape from around the Human's shoulders.

Waltteri exclaims, "Everyone give a warm thank you to my beaut-er, He catches sight of the hulking circus hand and pauses briefly, "Very handsome assistant!"

The Gor'Tog gives a sketchy bow before returning to his spot in the sidelines with the cape draped over his arm. He reaches out to thwap the fellow snickering next to him.

Waltteri raises one hand and strolls toward the middle of the stage, waving cheerfully toward the audience.

As Waltteri walks, a trapeze is lowered the rest of the way by the rigger high above.

Waltteri grabs ahold of the trapeze with one hand, the other still waving happily as the trapeze is hoisted high enough that his feet are well away from the floor.

Waltteri maintains a straight body and an easy grin, though the muscles along his arm and shoulder stand out under the lights.

Waltteri finally reaches up to grab the bar with both hands, thumbs firmly set. He pikes his legs forward but instead of swinging backward again as one might expect he flips himself over the bar.

Waltteri hangs with his hips across the bar, he gives a little wink between his feet at the people situated behind him.

Waltteri straightens his body until he is balanced across the bar, his toes pointed and his feet just enough lower than the rest of his body to keep him in his spot.

Waltteri bends his left elbow and places his cheek in that hand, as though lounged midair. He waggles the fingers of his other hand at one pretty lady seated nearby.

Without warning Waltteri suddenly pitches forward as if diving toward the ground. At the last second his body curls around the bar and he spins back upward.

As Waltteri pitches forward, the Gor'Tog starts forward then catches himself and glances around to see if anyone caught his movement.

Waltteri makes five full revolutions, each one a little faster than the last. Upon the final spin his body straightens out and he seems to come loose from the bar only to catch it with his hands.

With practiced ease Waltteri brings his legs upward, slowly, as if being pulled up by some magical force. The flex of his bare abdominal muscles shows that strength and stamina is what really lifts his legs.

Waltteri brings one leg under the bar and hooks his knee around it. His other leg makes a lazy half circle around the side of the bar until it is pointed out past his face.

(Jessalyne whistles lewdly at Waltteri.)

Waltteri hangs there a moment, taking the time to wink at a few more ladies in the stands, his eyes sparkling with roguish humor.

You blush a splotchy, mottled color.

Kaindell giggles.

Dianelle raises her voice in merry laughter.

Waltteri brings his other leg up onto the bar and lets his body swing backward, on the forward swing he reaches all the way up and grabs the ropes that suspend the bar from above.

Waltteri unhooks his knees and straightens his legs, letting them slowly lower behind him twisting his shoulders backwards until he is almost in a straight position dangling from the bar in what appears to be a horribly uncomfortable spot for his shoulders.

Waltteri seems unfazed by this and manages to flash a dashing smile and at least two different winks into the crowd.

Those seated nearby can hear the hulking Gor'Tog mutter something that sounds a lot like "Show off," under his breath while rolling his eyes upward.

Embrace exclaims, "He winked at me!"

Seemingly happy with his flirtations, Waltteri brings his legs back upward, the muscles across his back and shoulders standing out like ropes under his skin.

Keeping his legs straight when they come into contact with the bar, Waltteri uses the momentum to bring himself to sitting upon the bar.

Waltteri drops briefly to have his knees hook the bar while his hands move up the ropes. One toe comes to rest upon the bar and he perches for a moment like an odd-looking bird before pushing himself to standing with the one leg.

His hands at about shoulder height, Waltteri flips upside down high above the floor, holding his body perfectly straight.

Waltteri hooks his ankles around the rope and arches back, his legs sliding downward as he folds backwards until his feet almost come into contact with his head.

Waltteri raises his legs again until he is once more hanging above the bar with his body straight and his feet pointed toward the sky.

Waltteri curls one knee around its rope and lets the same side hand slide down the rope until he can easily switch it to holding onto the bar.

Waltteri brings the second leg to curl above the first and legs his whole body slide down the rope until he is hanging from one corner with a goofy grin.

With precise movements, Waltteri raises one hand to grip the rope and lets his body slide off the back of the bar until he hovers with one hand gripping the rope and the other upon the bar. His whole body off to one side held in a perfect line.

Waltteri swings his legs once and with a lithe grace he spins over the top of the bar to end back where he started with a look of mock confusion.

The tall Gor'Tog folds his arms across his chest, likely wrinkling the cape still in his grasp. He seems completely unawed by the act going on above.

Waltteri glances at the bar, then at his legs as if measuring the distance.

Waltteri swings his legs again, lifting up over the bar once, then twice, once more ending up back where he started.

Giving the audience a look of helplessness, Waltteri takes a deep breath and tries it one more time. Landing with ease upon the bar, a look of smug triumph on his handsome face.

Waltteri rests his hands causally on the bar beside either of his hips and hunches slightly as though perfectly relaxed and ready to sit there for hours.

With one quick movement, Waltteri falls backwards off the bar appearing to just barely catch himself with his hands. His body twisted in what looks like an uncomfortable leg over head position.

Bringing his piked legs back between his hands, Waltteri eases his feet past the bar without touching it, almost folded in half. He then lowers his legs and releases the bar with one hand.

Waltteri waves with his free hand as the trapeze is once more lowered slowly so that he can touch the ground.

Waltteri takes a few steps away from the bar as it is raised upward and out of sight.

Flourishing his hands, Waltteri bows to the north, then to each cardinal direction. With each bow, he smiles and winks.

Waltteri stands straight once more, basking in the applause. He holds his arms out as if expecting a hug or maybe he's just waiting for his cape.

The hulking Gor'Tog seems oblivious to his new "job" and continues to stand at the sidelines.

Waltteri clears his throat and glances around, waiting.

One of the other circus hands prods the huge Gor'Tog in the side and nods his head toward Waltteri.

With a grumbling and a sigh, the Gor'Tog once more trods out onto the floor, cape in hand.

Waltteri keeps standing there with his arms spread, though his smile has flagged a little bit.

The hulking Gor'Tog comes up behind Waltteri and drapes the cape around his shoulders.

Waltteri clears his throat again, pointedly.

With a sigh that can be heard throughout the room, the muscular Gor'Tog reaches around Waltteri's neck and delicately ties a bow with the ribbons on the cape.

Waltteri exclaims, "Another round of applause for my, er, uh, dapper helper!"

Waltteri gestures proudly at the tall Gor'Tog.

The Gor'Tog walks quickly back to his spot, but you think you catch a small blush on his cheeks.

Waltteri accepts Hnot's tip and slips it away.

Waltteri winks at Hnot.

Waltteri exclaims, "Thank you all for coming, please no autographs today!"

Waltteri seems to ponder his words a moment.

Padhg applauds enthusiastically and flips a platinum Dokora in Waltteri's direction. He snatches it nimbly from the air!

Waltteri exclaims, "Oh who are we kidding, of course I'll sign autographs!"

Waltteri bows one last time.

Waltteri gets a sheet of lotus-white paper from inside his circle cape.

Waltteri gets a colorful peacock feather quill from inside his circle cape.

Waltteri asks, "Who's first?"

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