Platinum Anniversary Festival 412

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Platinum-only festival, open from April 5 to May 6.


Town Green area of Crossing.


Opening Parade

The skirl of pipes and cheerful jingle of tambourines carry through the air as a troupe of dancers in gauzy pastel silks approaches. The group's motions are lively and enthusiastic, their faces alight with the simple joy of movement.

The music intensifies as the dancers form a ring around a hulking female Gor'Tog and a tiny male Gnome. The dancers fall to their knees as the Gor'Tog launches the Gnome high into the air. The Gnome tumbles gracefully downward, twirling and spinning acrobatically. At the last possible moment, the 'Tog plucks the Gnome out of the air, both of them grinning and bowing as she places him gently on the ground once more.

The excitement over, the dancers form up and begin to move away, still laughing and tossing flowers into the crowd with delighted grins.

Simply costumed acolytes weave around one another in graceful swaying motions as they dance about the platform. A lifelike, oversized representation of the goddess Hodierna reclines upon a flowered bank, smiling benevolently upon the crowd.

The unicorn kneeling at Hodierna's feet -- a pure white mare with a pearlescent horn fasted to her head -- abruptly decides that she has had enough. The horse tries to stand once more as a white-clad acolyte vainly attempts to soothe the beast. Just as the horse seems ready to make a break for it, a serene-looking acolyte decked in a wreath of healing herbs approaches the duo, resting her hand gently on the mare's neck. The calming effect is instantaneous, the mare settling once more at the goddess's feet.

The crisis averted, the acolytes resume their graceful dance, casting fresh flowers into the crowd as the float continues on its way.

The cry of an albatross carries on the fresh spring breeze. Bringing your gaze up to meet the sound, you spy a celadon Lemicus float slowly moving in your direction.

The green-clad acolytes atop the float sway in a lazy, indolent dance, pausing now and again to cast sea shells into the crowd. Abruptly, a commotion halts their dance as a live albatross circles curiously downward to investigate the float. The acolytes bow their heads reverently as the bird passes above, resuming their dancing only after it moves out of view.

The rearmost acolyte casts smiles and cowrie shells into the crowd as the massive wave heaves out of view.

The gentle sound of cowbells floats through the air, accompanying a small herd of milk-white cows that is making its way into view.

The priestess smiles into the crowd, gently leading a pristine cow forward with a braided golden lead rope. Several children dart up to place their hands on the cow's broad flank, laughing in delight as they run back into the crowd again. The cow bears everything placidly, her soulful brown eyes filled with wisdom and serenity.

The cows and priestess pace slowly onward, a few white calves lingering to frolic with a some small children before rejoining their party.

You notice a few brightly-colored bubbles drift past, accompanied by rhythmic music. Peering in the direction of the sound, you see a group of lively musicians making their way in your direction.

The musicians pause nearby for a few moments, their performance building to a lively crescendo. All the while, a surly-looking Dwarf moves among the group, blowing brightly-colored bubbles with a tiny wand. Several bubbles become stuck to the Dwarf's beard, his irritated growling forming a rumbling bass line for the performance.

The Dwarf, having righted his beard, ceases his grumbling and hefts his bagpipes with a sigh. He pats them a few times as if consoling a distressed child, then resumes blowing bubbles from his tiny wand, plodding off after the group of musicians as they move away.

Parade Gifts

A Threat

A group of bandits whose symbol is a jeweled dagger piercing a golden Kronar want something from the festival, but have yet to reveal more details. Their elite festival bandits attacked and withdrew, presumably without getting what they wanted. It is currently unknown who is in charge of the group.


The bandits have continued their acts of terror, including drugging innocent cows into a wild rage, throwing concussion grenades, using more advanced bone carved equipment, and sending a gigantic treasure hunter to assault the merchants.