Evindal Arms

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Evindal Arms
Event Platinum Anniversary Festival 412
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Weapon shops
Restrictions Platinum
This store only accepts Kronars

[Evindal Arms, Crate Sales]
A vast array of tools hang upon the rough hewn walls surrounding the interior of the simple caravan, lit by the small lanterns that dangle at each corner of the room. Branded crates are stacked haphazardly along the perimeter, bits of straw protruding from their edges and littering the floor surrounding the display tables.
You also see a narrow door leading out of the caravan and a thick leather flap.
Obvious exits: none.

On the bamboo table
Item Price Done
blackened steel nightstick etched with a spiraling viper 2,000   No
goldenoak quarterstaff capped with wrought iron spikes 2,000   No
double-bladed pole axe topped with a sparkling blue crystal 2,000   No
gleaming steel guisarme with an ivy-carved ironwood haft 2,000   No
On the rattan table
Item Price Done
blackened steel garz engraved with an endless knotwork design 2,000   No
spike steel mace with a mikkhalbamar grip 2,000   No
gleaming steel mallet banded with iron spikes 2,000   No
heavy steel maul with a carved ban-minahle haft 2,000   No
On the wicker table
Item Price Done
polished steel katar with a forked serrated blade 2,000   
steel hand axe with a star-pierced head 2,000   No
gleaming steel dagesse with a wyvern-shaped crossguard 2,000   No
polished steel claymore with a braided black leather grip 2,000   No