Under Wraps

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Under Wraps
Festival Platinum Anniversary Festival 412
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops
Restrictions Platinum
This store only accepts Kronars

[Under Wraps, Showroom]
Flowing silk panels drape the walls of the tent in an array of vibrant colors, further highlighted by the glow from the marbled gaethzen orbs that hang overhead. Several tables create a narrow walkway through the shop, while the scent of sandalwood wafts from a nearby counter.
You also see a dark canvas flap.
Obvious exits: none.

On the mahogany table
Item Price Done
long sable brown cloak dangling tiny bone shards at the shoulders 2,000   No
cerulean wool cloak decorated with tufts of vibrant feathers along the yoke 2,000   No
icy blue velvet cloak adorned with tiny rose-shaped buttons 2,000   No
russet-hued cloak embroidered with a charging storm bull along the back 2,000   No
soft doeskin cloak fringed at the yoke with slender burgundy ribbons 2,000   No
full-length white wool cloak with sequined epaulets 2,000   No
On the oaken table
Item Price Done
full-length charcoal grey cloak trimmed with twisted satin cording 2,000   No
purple woolen cloak appliqued with a golden triquetra knot along the back 2,000   No
long burgundy cloak draped with chains of amber beading at the shoulders 2,000   No
midnight black cloak embroidered with a pair of crossed forging hammers 2,000   No
elegant amber cloak detailed along the back with three moons surrounded by roiling black clouds 2,000   No
pale pink cloak embellished with spiraling rows of tiny crystals 2,000   No
On the pine table
Item Price Done
emerald green cloak emblazoned with a snorting armadillo 2,000   No
full-length teal cloak decorated with peacock plumes along the hem 2,000   No
long black woolen cloak embroidered with a soaring wyvern along the back 2,000   No
peach velvet cloak trimmed with creamy ivory lace 2,000   No
red satin cloak secured with heart-shaped buttons 2,000   No
golden yellow cloak embroidered with vining shalyria blossoms 2,000   No