Basically Baubles

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Basically Baubles
Festival Platinum Anniversary Festival 412
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops
Restrictions Platinum
This store only accepts Kronars

[Basically Baubles, Sales]
Marbled gaethzen orbs dangle from the apex of the tent, casting soft varicolored hues across the trio of small counters bordering the interior. A small work area in one corner is cordoned off, with baskets of colorful beads scattered across the top of a narrow table.
You also see a crimson satin flap.
Obvious exits: none.

On the oak counter
Item Price Done
pair of chandelier earrings with cascading strands of blood-red crystals 2,000   
pair of sparkling crystal earrings shaped like tiny soaring doves 2,000   
black crystal nose stud shaped like a tiny dagger 2,000   
wide pewter earcuff embellished with a golden crystal dragon 2,000   
pair of gold stud earrings dangling exquisitely-faceted crystal stars 2,000   
On the mahogany counter
Item Price Done
bardic-blue satin sash with "Drama Queen" beaded along its length 2,000   
crimson satin sash sequined with "Champion" along its length 2,000   
black satin sash with "Handsome" beaded along its length 2,000   
gold satin sash sequined with "Beautiful" along its length 2,000   
burgundy satin sash beaded with "Valiant" along its length 2,000   
On the maple counter
Item Price Done
slender silver choker dangling a lavish array of purple crystals 2,000   
wide necklace with twisting strands of azure, gold and rose-hued crystals 2,000   
braided gold diadem strung with a glamorous display of jewel-toned crystals 2,000   
heavy silver wristcuff adorned with tiny black crystals in an arabesque design 2,000   
slender gold ru'at bracelet embellished with brilliant orchid-hued crystals 2,000