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It is unknown if this material must be provided for alterations, however it is found at common shops such as House of the Floating Reed (shop).


ItemSource isRare item
Burnished silver ocarina adorned with a pink sapphire bunnyAlimia's OcarinasHollow Eve Festival 436/Rafflestrue
Cambrinth seal pendant with a pearl chainCurse of the Ghost ShipOceanic blue pouch suspended from an amulet-strewn chainPrison Riot: The Aftermathtrue
Carved platinum circlet sprinkled with a handful of exquisite pink sapphiresPerfect Rose (1)Perfect Rose (2)true
Carved platinum ring displaying an exquisite pink sapphireHollow Eve 417/RafflesPerfect Rose (1)Perfect Rose (2)true
Delicate rose pendant hung on a thin platinum chainPerfect Rose (1)Perfect Rose (2)true
Diamond-dusted parry stick dotted with pink sapphiresEgg rewardstrue
Elegant ivory satin corset accented with precious gemsHollow Eve 414/RafflesPerfect Rose (2)true
Engagement ring cradling a single pink sapphire among waves of animiteThick as ThievesThick as Thieves (2)true
Fine silver pendant featuring a round pink sapphire locked into a teardrop of spun glassHouse of the Floating Reed (shop)true
Flamboyant coquelicot cassock wrought with pink sapphiresAkaterina's Cassockstrue
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