Prison Riot: The Aftermath/End loot

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  • slate-blue furniture voucher
gilt dragonwood wall impressed with gold leaf (15 item wall)
  • grey furniture voucher
glass-topped dragonwood table (15 item table)
  • aquamarine furniture voucher
elegant dragonwood chest shaped like a large curled dragon (15 item general storage)
  • black furniture voucher
claw-footed bed crafted of lustrous carved dragonwood (15 item bed)
  • purple furniture voucher
sturdy dragonwood stand (15 item armor stand)
  • brown furniture voucher
dragonwood rack inlaid with gold filigree (15 item weapon rack)


soapstone eyes with painted bloodshot eyeballs
soapstone limbs painted to resemble zombie arms
cube of adderwood with an attached note
zombie hand-puppet crafted from white-on-black velvet
skeletal hand-puppet crafted from white-on-black velvet
felt hand-puppet that resembles a decayed skull
grey felt hand-puppet that resembles a drooling zombie
ghost hand-puppet draped with gauzy white cloth
100 Platinum Kronars.
delicate silver anklet with dangling cambrinth taffleberries
pair of cambrinth-framed spectacles with dark lenses
pearl-handled dagger
etched broadsword
oak and walnut carrying case
fitted blue robe with embroidered trim
diamond-studded orichalcum ring bearing the crest of the Traders' Guild
heavy leather feedbag embroidered with the crest of the Traders' Guild in orichalcum-hued threads
smokewood abacus with carved howlite beads
orichalcum jeweler's loupe with elaborate etchings
cambrinth spotted tang fish
thick sailcloth hooded cloak
cambrinth seal pendant with a pearl chain
abyssal kraken-shaped ring
silvery-black stone pendant splaying six barbed tendrils