Glythtide's Garden

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Glythtide's Garden is found by Clerics near the city of Leth Deriel. It is important to the Glythtide commune.
Within the garden, a number of items can be found. The herbs will be randomly picked. The roses will also be randomly picked with a randomized color as well, for example you could have a white Dream rose or an ivory Hope rose.
While particularly useful for a Cleric, these roses and herbs are also considered Picked flora and can be preserved or used with flower patterns.
Each of the gardens only allow 2 items, 1 rose and petal in the rose garden, 1 herb and sprig of rue in the herb garden, to be picked at a time before they can be used again. The timer appears to be around 2 hours long, with the Cleric needing to be logged into the game to clear it.

Rose Garden

[Shrine, A Rose Garden]
The garden is a tumult of tangled blooms, all sweetly scented with rare colors and petal formations. The thorns are very long and sharp, however, protecting the precious blossoms from ravage. You also see a gazebo.
Obvious exits: north.

Rose Types


  • apricot
  • coral pink
  • crimson
  • ivory
  • pale
  • red
  • white
  • yellow
  • yellow-orange

Also from this garden are picked rose petals.

Herb Garden

[Shrine, Herb Garden]
A cobblestone walkway surrounds a circular garden, a mass of useful plants divided down the middle with a winding pathway. One section of the garden contains herbs used for medicinal and decorative purposes, the other side full of specimens for poison and known for their bitter properties.
Obvious exits: south.