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Status Active
Race Halfling
Gender Male
Guild Empath
Instance Prime


You are Veri Tervia Huebald, a Halfling. You have a round face, almond-shaped crystal blue eyes and a freckled nose. Your red hair is shoulder length and curly, and is worn loose. You have tanned skin and a lean build. You are a bit over average height for a Halfling. You are a tartsnatcher. You are clean shaven. You are in good shape.

You are wearing a quilted cloth hood, some elaborate ivory hair combs carved into the shape of roses, a gwethdesuan, a light plate mask, a pressed cashmere cloak, a divine charm, a deep violet vela'tohr flower, a sky blue vela'tohr flower, a shiny silver vela'tohr flower, a pure white vela'tohr flower, a sunny yellow vela'tohr flower, a fiery scarlet vela'tohr flower, a bright orange vela'tohr flower, a lever-drawn light crossbow, a leather-gripped yew longbow, a rugged backpack, a full-sleeved linen shirt, a sleek tangerine brigandine hauberk riveted with brass studs, a pastel green faesilk pouch with golden ialalhe fringe, a slender canvas quiver, a metal target shield, a small steel skinning knife with a leather-wrapped hilt, a timeworn prayer bead chain dangling tarnished dira charms, a polished steel parry stick, some metal chain gloves, a pair of copper zills, a suede gem pouch, a mist-grey sanowret crystal set in an enameled wolf, a bronze lockpick ring, a leather sheath, some blue pantaloons and some silvery-white boots.

A Mother's Worry; A Dutiful Son

Born and raised in Arthe Dale to a halfling couple who were, themselves, born and raised in Arthe Dale; Huebald's parents were blessed with just one child and did their best to ensure that his childhood was filled with happiness and love. When he turned 18, in 444, he decided that the best way to honour his mother and father would be to take their lessons with him out into the world and he set off first to Crossing where he quickly settled in as a fledgling Empath, eager to learn and more eager still to help and to heal. Before he left the sleepy town for the bigger city, his mother tearfully coerced a fateful promise from her only son: that if he was to become an Adventurer and walk a winding road of peril and calamity, he must first gather fifty favors with whichever Immortal he felt would hold him most dearly lest his feet find their way to the Starry one, instead.

It was a pledge made in good faith and Huebald diligently committed himself to finding favor with Saemaus--the god of Love and Festivities. While Glythtide is the patron of all Dalesians, Hue found that collecting tarts from curious places; festive gatherings of fellow adventurers; and from freshly made acquaintances alike, and offering them to Saemaus to fulfill his promise to his mother filled him with warmth and helped to ease the homesickness he had already begun to feel.

Though he joined the Empath's Guild almost immediately upon arrival, he did not see that as breaking his promise for an Empath's calling is to help and to heal which was exactly what he had set out to do when he left home. And he did well for a few months, staying within a carriage ride of the Crossing and becoming a fearsome slayer of fancifully folded paper creatures as he collected favors with Saemaus. Encouraged by his success and bolstered by the, perhaps unearned, confidence of his superiors within the guild, Huebald set his sights on stronger foes. Too strong by half, it would be quickly proved as he found himself lying in the dirt, thankful that the creatures which had brought him low had seen fit to drag him back down the dark forest path and onto the main road. Though he was quickly collected and restored to life, the shame of his defeat and his broken promise lingered and Huebald silently vowed to double the amount of favours required and to halt his advancement within the guild until such time as he had fulfilled these new terms as penance for his hubris.

A Ride Endured

With the coming of Asketi's Ride in 446, Huebald came to terms with the idea that he had, in fact, fulfilled his original promise and that this self-imposed penance for an honest mistake was hindering his ability to help the people of Elanthia which he firmly believed his mother would object to. She hadn't raised him to do things halfway and not embracing his potential would only lead to heartache down the road. And so he spoke to K'Salvur again at long last and began journeying further and further south in earnest, lending his skills to the people of Shard.

Comforting Foliage in the Courtyard

In early 446, the vela'tohr plant, Ithirose, in the courtyard of the Empath Guild in Crossings began to exhibit some strange behaviour that had never before been seen by any adventurers. Examples include: searching for food and water and sending out comforting waves of energy. This caused a stir amongst empath trainees who were seen rushing out in droves to observe the plant and, most excitingly, the emergence of saplings around the base of the existing plant. Though these remarkable additions to the courtyard were rather flighty, they were observed by enough individuals to prompt a meeting of the guild near the end of the month of Ka'len. At this meeting, the empaths and other interested adventurers brainstormed about how they might best assist Ithirose and her young as they had yet to receive guidance from the guild. In service to this mission, Hue suggested asking Endalar for help as he had learned that the current-day alterer had been the one to tell adventurers the name of the vela'tohr residing in the courtyard and was told that he ought to write the letter himself.

Shortly after this meeting of concerned adventurers (and the sending of the letter to Endalar), scholars from the guild announced that observations of Ithirose's recent behaviour had inspired them to complete development of a new spell Embrace of the Vela'tohr which enables Empaths to create an ethereal vela'tohr plant which will heal adventurers when TOUCHed and allow the Empath to heal it in turn. The saplings have not been spotted since. (07/24/2023)