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Race Elf
Gender Female
Guild Empath
Instance Prime


You are Antiquary Oramiwe Tasare, Sympath of the Order of the White Rose, an Elf.
You have an oval face, pointed ears, thick-lashed crystal green eyes and a classical nose. Your dark brown hair is long and wavy, and is worn coiled in an upswept twist. You have fair skin and a lithe figure.
An oval of gold-flecked amber rests on your forehead, just above your eyes.

You area polished sana'ati tree comb with dangling malachite leaves, a delicate turquoise pendant of a woman silhouetted against the crest of the Empaths' guild, a brushed silver locket, a rough woolen cloak woven with a leafless tree of gnarled branches, a soft ivory doeskin bodice laced up the front with pale leather cord, an artisan's silver charm bracelet resembling a stylized vine,a slender elven silver engagement ring set with a blue diamond marquise an albredine crystal ring, a woven willow gathering pouch, a swirling floor-length skirt of malachite-green silk and some winged white leather boots


From the scrolls of the Order of the White Rose:

"I am Oramiwe Tasare, Empath and Apothecary of the Forest Clan. I was born five decades ago in the village of Windmere in the forests to the west of Leth Deriel. I have a younger sister named Esta, hardly twenty now and unlike most it seems my parents are alive and well. My family moved from our village into Leth not long after it was discovered that my sister was ill, my parents wishing to seek the aid of the Izma Ru'ef in understanding her affliction. I had already taken to wandering by that time though.

I was to be married once, a bonding arranged in the traditional Forest style, with little concern for the parties involved. It would have brought further fortune and standing to my family but in my selfish ways I trained for years in secret running burdened through the forests near my home. When my wedding day came and the final trial of the Hunt lay before my fiance his chances of catching me were slim, I made sure I knew the path as well as I knew my own mother's face and though my dress burdened me I made it back to our altar before he with but one of the three beribboned arrows and so earned my right to choose whomever I wish to marry. My choice was no one ... at the moment at least.

The night Esta took ill is one I will never forget, and one I don't often speak of. She was saved, with luck and Hodierna's blessing, by a traveling Empath as she lay along the Southern road. Her affliction still haunts her, and is it because of her that I became an Empath, in part at least. I practice and study in hopes of one day being able to help her.

My name is strange, I know this. Stranger still if you speak Ilithic. It's a long story, but the short version is that my parents have been married for more than a century and share a sense of humor that most do not find overly funny. I prefer to just be called Ora."

The Tasare family, currently of Chelsea Overlook, are rumored to have been past financial backers of the L'Karm. Oramiwe herself denies this but in 388 revoked her long standing Zoulren citizenship, stating when asked by a companion that she refused to pay taxes to the province until Leth Deriel's desires were heard and the city back in the hands of it's people.

Recent History

Oramiwe came to Crossing nearly three years ago. Shortly after her arrival in the city she formed a group of friends who kept her company as she began spending most of her time working in the Empath guild. One by one those friends left Crossing, including a fellow Elf whom she loved. Each of them promised her that they would return, but as the years tick by she began to believe them less and less. Yet, she listened to the gweths and hopefully scaned the crowds anywhere she goes for her wayward friends.

Having spent the past few years doing little else but tending the cuts, scrapes and occasional severed limb of Crossing's inhabitants the previously quiet and gentle girl developed a handful of eccentricities. Convinced that Be'ort is out to get her she saw signs of her failing sanity in nearly every action she did, driven by boredom and likely a bit of loneliness she often did odd things, entertained her guild with unprompted rants and rambles or chatted with herself. An odd rash of incredible coincidences had further strengthened her theory that that the God of insanity was toying with her.

Eccentrics aside she toils diligently as a "small fish in a big pond" with the dream of becoming a renowned Alchemist and expert in rare diseases. She imagines herself a scholar and in a fit of boredom has taken to traveling alone around Elanthia specifically to visit libraries, most recently taking a trip to Muspar'i to study S'ka anatomy.

In 389 Oramiwe contracted a young Moon Mage named Ilayaesturi to use her various talents to locate one of her old friends, the elf Rilendyr Til'Varien. For several months her searches turned up fruitless but in early 390 she managed to locate him and give his location to Oramiwe. Re-united with her lost friend the two were able to pick up their budding relationship where they left off years before. The effects of this reunion upon Oramiwe have been varied, noticeable and all for the good.

In the 9th month of Dolefaren the Brigantine in the year of the Emerald Dolphin 390 at Ain Ghazal Rilendyr proposed to a very surprised Oramiwe and she accepted.