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Nightingail Sadberry
Status Active
Race Halfling
Gender Female
Guild Bard
Instance Prime


You see Screecher Nightingail Sadberry, a Halfling.
She has a round face, tilted dark eyes and a crooked nose. Her russet hair is shoulder length and curly, and is worn tied back. She has fair skin and an athletic figure.
She is tall for a Halfling.
She is a whippersnapper.

She is wearing a neatly made straw hat with a wide blue band, a red velvet ribbon, a black satin bodice, an apple-green blouse, a ruffled yellow skirt, a steel-banded deobar cane, a witch ball, a silver wristcuff set with a myriad of precious gemstones, a dented iron ring, a silver jadeite gwethdesuan, a small ankle knife of snowflake obsidian and a battered leather pack.


Nightingail hails from a tiny village nestled in the perfect obscurity of the Himeneldar Shel Mountains of Forfedhdar, far far away from virtually everything of any note whatsoever. Her family, the Sadberries, are the sole Olvi family in a community consisting almost exclusively of dwarves and humans. The Sadberries are best known for being afflicted with an age-old Curse, dating back to the waning days of the Seven Star Empire, that brings bad luck of all kinds upon all members of the family. Unfortunately, after generations in which it was considered still worse luck even to talk about the origins of The Curse, no one remembers just what inspired it in the first place, so no one has any idea what might be done to get rid of it.


  • 421 AL, Dolefaren - Nightingail comes to Riverhaven. Maybe here she can begin a new life, and escape THE CURSE. At some point she joins the Bard Guild, which may or may not have to do with being cursed.
  • 421 AL, Nissa - In the course of her explorations around Riverhaven Nightingail stumbles upon a large ship docked in the harbor, and decides to board it on a whim to chart a course for adventure!! Immediately after the ship sets sail, it is overrun by bloodthirsty evil sailors who brutally murder Nightingail and toss her body overboard. THE CURSE is no respecter of distance. But the gods decide, after some time of suspense, to bring her back... right on board the ship, with her new friends the bloodthirsty evil sailors. She manages to escape their attentions by barricading herself in a smelly hold, and safely arrives at her destination, which turns out to be Ratha! Within ten minutes of arriving in Ratha, a tetchy hedge wizard turns her into a toad.
  • 421 AL, Nissa, Slightly Later On - Nightingail gets better from being a toad. In the course of further exploring the island while avoiding vagrant wizards, she discovers a clinic, with a garden, with Actual Rathanites in it! These Actual Rathanites, rather than turning Nightingail into a toad like That One Other Actual Rathanite, are really nice and give her nice things and ask her to attend town meetings and stuff. Nightingail vows to become an Actual Rathanite herself along with her new friends Nazaruss, Anlise, Mezek, Eresthai, and others.
  • 422 AL, Akroeg - After several weeks of clearly ominous peace and happiness, Nightingail receives word from home that THE CURSE has struck once again and her family is experiencing various critical disasters. She disappears back to Forfedhdar and is never ever ever heard from again, which is to say, she is heard from again two years later.
  • 424 AL - Nightingail returns to the Bards' Guild, in Crossing instead of Riverhaven so Tasdrean can't berate her for not getting any better at Staves at any point in the last two and half years. She meets a really nice fellow Olvi Bard named Bead who gives her a witch ball for good luck, and another fellow Olvi Bard named Milanie who gives her a floral stuffed teddy bear that smells inexplicably of lavender. She never sees either Bead or Milanie again. THE CURSE rolls on.
  • 424-425 AL - Some stuff happens, somewhere. None of it is very interesting. Sometimes THE CURSE is just boring.
  • 426 AL - With nothing better to do other than work Staves endlessly to the satisfaction of none of her guild masters, Nightingail returns to Ratha, with great joy and anticipation and a miraculous reprieve from bloodthirsty sailors! Upon arrival she finds the city almost entirely deserted. The tetchy hedge wizard, however, is still there. Clearly it is THE CURSE at work again. Nightingail buys a house anyway and settles in, keeping a weather eye out for Actual Rathanites, especially the tetchy hedge wizards.