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Bead Merryberry
Status Active
Race Halfling
Gender Female
Guild Bard
Instance Prime
Relatives Hollyhock

Warrior Poet Bead Merryberry, Master Bard of the Tavern Troupe Performing Order has a round face, thick-lashed violet eyes, a freckled nose and dimples. Her golden hair is long and curly, and is worn in an artfully tousled style threaded with a violet grosgrain ribbon embroidered with draconeaia blossoms. She has fair skin and a plump figure.

She is wearing a royal blue wool beret, a cloisonne tart pendant bursting with gem fruits, a jaunty short blue cloak fastened by a taffelberry-shaped button, a blue brocade backpack embroidered along the straps with a wren-in-flight pattern, a purple sweater knitted with dozens of floating tarts, a canvas pastry chef's bag embroidered with fruits and cakes, some rose-colored knickers dotted with deep red berry stains and a pair of bright yellow puddle-stomping boots.

Early Life

Beadistasia Merryberry was raised by doting elderly aunties in Arthe Dale. Her childhood was marked by a remarkable flair for the dramatic and the ridiculous, and her pranks and antics -- including faking her own death, complete with a flaming-floating-coffin at the Arthe Dale Greensward Swimming Hole -- are legendary in her home village. Once she came of age, she eagerly settled in The Crossing and joined the Bards' Guild.

Compositions and Musical Talents

Bead is the proud owner of a wide variety of beautiful musical instruments, and practices them all with passionate intensity. Her current favorite is the fife, but she recently expanded her skills to the clavichord. She presents occasional casual performances on this and other instruments in The Crossing Guild's Conservatory.

She is thrilled to be a member of the Tavern Troupe Performing Order!

Composing musical pieces is a particular joy, and among her completed works are:
The Taffelberry Tart Song, A rollicking autobiographical piece
Every Tart In The World, A comic song sure to induce cravings for every halfling's favorite food
Taffelberry Moonlight, A sweet romantic ballad set in Arthe Dale

Tart Aficionado

Bead takes tarts seriously -- not only are they a delicious and nutritious part of any adventurer's day, they are a celebration of her Olvi heritage. The aunties send down a bursting basket of fresh Thipbeets tarts for each of her performances! But on any given day, she is never without at least a dozen tarts on her person. If she doesn't offer you one, please feel free to ask.

Artistic Representations

A recent sitting for a friend:
Light pink and deep rose dyed fibers swirl in an abstract pattern giving this sheet of paper a soft, dappled look. Masterfully rendered on the paper: A plump Halfling is leaning up against an apple tree, a big grin on her face, hand held up to her mouth as she bites on a candy ring pop. Peeking out from underneath the beret on her head are two tiny Rakash-like ears sprouting from her golden hair. A blocky, printed script below reads: "Learn Rakash in THREE EASY DAYS, with Bead!" A closer examination of the background reveals the apparent fruit not to be apples, but fully baked tarts.
Along the bottom of the paper, you notice that the work is signed by Maxwelinski