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Status Active
Race S'Kra Mur
Gender Male
Guild Moon Mage
Instance Prime


Standing before you, Nomad Narash Nar'ysr, Mirage of Velaka, a S'Kra Mur.
He has a sharp-featured face with a flexible ridged crest which follows the shape of his skull, sullenly glowing slitted golden eyes and squared snout, dark gold-edged scales, a thick tail and an athletic build.

He is wearing a mottled grey silk uaro's'sugi trimmed with a fringe of pale gold khiynit, a witch ball, a pirouetting round-tummied imp with glowing green eyes, a loose-fitting ivory Musparan silk shirt, a golden robe strewn with twinkling points of starlight, a golden bangle shaped like an ouroboros, an onyx-eyed viper charm, a gloomwood telescope case with mistglass caps and a cambrinth tailband inlaid with jade.


a slender blade set with a serpent's heart ruby in a viper head-shaped pommel (Kertig)

  • Look: Exquisitely detailed serpent's scales sparkle in fine relief on the highly-polished silvery-black kertig blade. Elegant white leather wraps a tyrium hilt which is sculpted to appear like a viper poised to strike. A serpent's heart ruby rests within the viper's open maw, its long curving fangs holding it securely in place. Along the blade some words are etched in stark contrast among the scales.
  • Read: "Izzu'hhr Oloh"
  • Source: Onem (11/10/2017)

a mottled grey silk uaro's'sugi trimmed with a fringe of pale gold khiynit

  • Look: The sheer nightstalker silk comprising this garment is dyed a slate grey with a multitude of darker, near-black splotches artfully stained in a pattern that vaguely resembles stylized scales. Along the edges of the wrap, a fringed band of embroidered khiynit cuts a sharp contrast of sandy gold against the dark silk. A barely visible ink-black ouroboros is stitched among the shades of grey, the serpentine figure chasing and devouring its tail in an elaborate tapestry of fine detail.
  • Source: Alteration Scroll (11/21/2017)


Name Narash Nar'ysr
Race S'kra Mur
Guild Moon Mage
Circle 100
Spouse Uninterested
Citizenship Velaka
Preferred Location Crossing
Roleplay Stance Heavy
PvP Stance Guarded
Quote "If you can survive the Desert, you can survive anything."


  • 8 Lirisa 404:(1/26/2012): Born to parents of Sraan Mhhg in Velaka Desert.
  • 17 Skullcleaver 420: (8/4/2016): Left Muspar'i to seek fame and fortune in Zoluren.
  • 22 Moliko 423: (5/23/2017): Joined the Crossing Moon Mage Guild at age 19.
  • 11 Arhat 424: (8/18/2017): Advanced to the rank of Master Moon Mage at the age of 21.
  • 33 Shorka 425: (11/11/2017): Infliced with a Fae curse by Estrie.
  • 23 Arhat 425: (11/29/2017): Advanced to the rank of Grand Master Moon Mage.
  • 35 Akroeg 426: (1/21/2018): Joined the Sect of the Nomads of the Arid Steppe.
  • 14 Lirisa 430: (3/12/2019): Advanced to the rank of Legendary Moon Mage at the age of 26.

Notable Achievements

Attempted to outsmart and hide from the Fae creature Estrie. Failed, and was cursed with a persistently dripping snout and lichen-covered face. Estrie declared her work a thing of beauty, despite conventional opinion.

Tradeskills and Hobbies

Alchemist and Engineer


Moon Mage Titles

Initiate Moon Mage, Apprentice Moon Mage, Journeyman Moon Mage, Moon Mage, Expert Moon Mage, Master Moon Mage, Grand Master Moon Mage, Legendary Moon Mage, Stargazer, Medium, Contemplator, Mentalist, Mesmerist, Dreamer, Lunar Mage, Lunar Magician, Ascendant, Psychic, Dreamweaver, Illusionist, Novus, Occultist, Spectromancer, Lucky, Palm Reader, Austromancer, Chiromancer, Soothsayer, Luckbringer, Daydreamer, Augur, Fortuneteller, Visionist, Doomsayer, Dowser, Mystic, Predictor, Determinist, Diviner, Mantic, Pupil, Cold Reader, Meteorologist, Docent, Mathematician, Extrapolator, Philosopher, Geometer, Logarithmancer, Numinist, Sage, Duskwalker, Darkling, Fade, Shadow of Fate, Observer, Clairaudient, Clairvoyant, Discerner, Charlatan, Dissident, Mystic Blade, Telekinetic Warrior, Lightwielder, Mindflayer, Steelstorm, Shadow Reaver, Shadow Mage, Shadow Weaver, Sliver Slinger, Hex, Displacer, Fate Reaver, Battlefield Scribe, Mystic Aegis, Geometric Warder, Spellbreaker, Nemesis, Nomad, Spiritualist, Animist, Ossomancer, Traveler, Telepath, Hypnotist, Witness, Astral Traveler, Ju'larshargi, Aggah Saran'ponmi, Dream Speaker

S'kra Mur Titles

S'sugi, Guard, Uku'uangi, Fist of Hav'roth, Arsharra'grah, Night Watcher, Pi'pejekmi, Knife Thrower, Pokeke Rasha, Sand Flower, Sarhhthami, Ritual Dancer, Taishar, Warrior, Dai Ograth, Steel Hand, Nehlata Hhsran, Swift Dagger, Hhr'atami, Hammer Thrower, Dako'gi, Hunter, Hekemhhg, Sea Serpent, Dikka'staho Ashu, Badland Walker