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Meta skills are skills that are primarily or exclusively intended to affect the use of other skills, rather than actions themselves.

Current Skills

Meta Skill Dependent Skill(s)
Missile Mastery skill Bows skill, Crossbows skill, Light Thrown skill, Heavy Thrown skill, Slings skill
Melee Mastery skill All melee weapons.
Primary Magic skill Augmentation skill, Debilitation skill, Targeted Magic skill, Utility skill, Warding skill
It does not enhance Targeted Magic accuracy.
Sorcery skill As per Primary Magic, when casting Sorceries.
Offhand Weapon skill All single-handed melee and thrown weapon skills, excluding Brawling.

With the exception of Offhand, these skills all provide a bonus to their related skills, so long as the meta skill is higher. It is currently unknown how much of a bonus is provided.

Offhand Weapon

Offhand weapon acts in the reverse fashion, lowering the effective skill of a weapon if it is less than the skill of the weapon used. The effective skill value is 70% Offhand / 30% weapon skill, with the total effectiveness never exceeding the weapon skill. Extra skill with the weapon can offset lack of skill with offhand, but no amount of offhand training can compensate for lack of skill with the weapon.

In addition, while it was at one point stated that Offhand would not affect throwing weapons, currently it both affects and trains the Offhand Weapon skill.


During times of development, the Defending skill was implied to be the meta skill for armors, though it has never been confirmed.