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The BANK verb allows for remotely viewing and managing your bank accounts and provincial debts with the aid of urchin runners.

  • Premium subscribers have free, unrestricted access to the ACCOUNT and DEBT options.
  • Non-Premium subscribers require urchin runners for the ACCOUNT and DEBT options.
  • All subscribers require urchin runners for the TRANSFER, DEPOSIT and WITHDRAW options.
  • Free accounts can only use the ACCOUNT option, and still require an urchin runner.

Urchin runners are separate from urchin guides! Runners are intended to remotely retrieve/deposit coins and/or items for you, whereas guides will lead you to locations within a province.

Urchin runners are also used for some features of the VAULT command.


  • BANK ACCOUNT: View your current bank account balance(s).
  • BANK TRANSFER {FROM BANK#} {TO BANK#} {#}: Transfer funds from one account to another
  • BANK DEPOSIT {BANK#} {#}: Send a runner with a deposit to your designated account.
  • BANK WITHDRAW {BANK#} {#}: Send a runner to make a withdrawal from your designated account.
  • BANK DEBT {PROVINCE} {#}: Send a runner to designated province to settle debts. (You must be carrying the necessary funds on you.)
  • BANK NUMBERS: See a list of the bank #s used for BANK commands.

Warning: The ids used by NUMBERS are sorted by province, and can change based on your subscription level. The Fang Cove branch (only available to Estate Holders) is inserted into the middle of the list.

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When you want to settle your debt from one province and you are in another, this is how you do it. Say you are in the Crossing bank, and you owe a debt to Shard and you are using a Runner for this. Make sure you have the entire amount on you. Since Shard uses Dokoras, make sure it is all in Dokoras first of all, and then do the command itself:


  1 Zoluren
  2 Therengia
  3 Ilithi
  4 Qi
  5 Forfedhdar

As in this example it is in Crossing we would use the number 3, and for an example we will use this one being 8550 Dokoras. So the next command to type in would be this one:

Bank Debt 3 8550 Dokora

The result of the above command is this:

>You flag an urchin and hand her a note along with your coins, sending her dashing away. Before long, she returns and says, "The Traders' Guild clerk took care of your request. He said your debt with the collectors of Ilithi in Shard is fully settled now. Thanks madam!" She dashes away! Roundtime: 5 sec.