Telgar Inn

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Telgar Inn
Province Therengia
Justice Unknown
Town Langenfirth
Map Ranik's Map 40
Owner Telgar
# of Rooms 7
Store Type Drink shops, Food shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[The Telgar Inn, Reception]
The reception area of this rustic inn is filled with odds, ends and historical memorabilia of Langenfirth's beginnings. The unfinished walls are all but covered with rough sketches, maps and clippings from scrolls. The reception desk is a high, massive wood counter, hand rubbed to a glossy sheen. Behind the desk the wall is filled from floor to ceiling with pigeonholes for holding mail and room keys. Split log stairs lead upward to the guest rooms.
Obvious exits: north, south, out.

[The Telgar Inn, Tavern Room]
The Telger Inn Tavern is known for its assortment of high quality local brews and fine imports. Its kitchen offers the finest meals in the north, if your tastes run to fresh game and fish. A large bar runs the width of the room, and a row of booths sits in the back. The front of the tavern has several large tables to serve large groups of people. The smell of roasting meat and fresh baking bread mingle with the sharper odor of newly brewed stout.
You also see a chalkboard menu, a barkeep, a large table and a waste bin.
Obvious exits: out.

Item Price Done
1 - Tog Whiskey 80   
2 - Blackberry Stout 85   
3 - Arthe Dale Delight 80   
4 - Tiger Clan Brew 80   
5 - Spiced Wine 70   
6 - Fresh Grape Juice 60   
7 - Langenfirth Red Ale 75   
8 - Spring Water 40   !!
9 - Roasted Boar 100   
10 - Fresh Bread 45   
11 - Grilled Pike Fish 95   
12 - Boiled Boobrie Egg 80   
13 - Chocolate Tart 40   

[The Telgar Inn, Game Room]
The walls in this room are adorned with stuffed and mounted bear heads, birds, fish and other game. All are amazing specimens, most overly large for their species, obviously a great feat for the hunter or trapper responsible for their demise. Several small gaming tables are scattered throughout the room. A quiet game of cards is played unendingly by some of the towns elders.
You also see a stuffed goose.
Obvious exits: out.

[The Telgar Inn, Upstairs Hallway]
At the top of the stairs is the entrance to a large dormitory. Down the hallway is a door to a more private room. The hallway is unfurnished except for a lantern hanging from the ceiling and a ladder leading up to a loft area. The wood floor is old and worn, warped and sagging from years of feet passing back and forth.
Obvious exits: none.

[The Telgar Inn, The Dormitory]
Most of the second floor is taken up by a huge communal dormitory for traders and trappers passing through the town. Sunlight streams through a small window at one end of the room. Large bunks run along the other walls of the room, comfortably spread with clean sheets and warm, although well-used, wool blankets.
You also see the hall door.
Obvious exits: none.

[The Telgar Inn, Private Suite]
This is the best suite the Inn has to offer and is reserved for the town's most important guests or those with the most money. A large window, which overlooks the great Langenfirth Tree, brightens the room with sunlight. A large bed with a down mattress fills a good part of the room. A small writing table with a comfortable chair has been placed near the window.
You also see a wooden door.
Obvious exits: none.

[The Telgar Inn, The Loft]
A tiny loft space is tucked up under the rafters of the peaked roof of the Inn. A braided rug covers the rough board floor offering the only place to sit besides a trundle bed tucked to one side. The room is usually the quarters of the tavern owner and his wife, but is occasionally used for guests when the Inn is very full so there is an absence of personal belongings.
You also see a wooden ladder.
Obvious exits: none.