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Coming Conflict/ Old log (Karszen/Brivibas) · on 01/04/2004 10:07 AM CST 60
(Prior to Karszen being awoken we had to pull up this slab outside of Hodeirna's Solace in Leth. It was a lot of work)

A gutteral, monotone voice booms around you, "For .. what ... have I .. been awakened?"

Brivibas says, "Karszen, The Sunderer of Maelshyve, your aid is required."

Brivibas says, "The Chalice has been taken by a Necromancer of koboldish blood..."

Brivibas says, "...He was last seen across a moor near the Jademist river.. a river whose name may not be familiar to you, but I assure you, the dark, misty moor beyond it you have most certainly traversed before."

The stiff wind grows in speed, ripping into your flesh icily as it violently churns through the small cell

A tattered man, skin ebon as shadow, emerges from the doorway, head bowed. As he steps forward, his silver hair is illuminated brilliantly by the candles' glow.

Karszen says, "I had hoped this day would never come, that I would feel the dull throb of light again. It can mean only despair and death for mortalkind.

Karszen says, "That the chalice has fallen into a Necromancer's hands is trivial."

Karszen says, "That the chalice has been grave."

Karszen regards the obsidian symbol set into the shrine's floor with curiosity.

Karszen kneels down next to the artifact, reaching out to place his hand over its glossy ebon surface. As his flesh contacts it, he shudders violently, his head lurching backward as a grimace covers his face.
He is stunned.

Karszen finally manages to wrench his hand away from the symbol's inexplicable hold, shaking his head to clear his senses.

Karszen nods solemnly. "A bit dusty, but it is no forgery. There is no doubt that this was acquired from the abyss. No Necromancer, kobold or otherwise, can construct power such as this."

Karszen holds up his hand, calling for silence.
Brivibas pales.
Karszen nods solemnly and begins to chant in a low monotone, stretching his hand to the heavens above.

Karszen slowly wraps his palms around the haft of his battle-worn scythe, gripping it tightly as he raises the gleaming crescent into the sky.

Karszen's chanting grows louder, the strands of light enwreathing the tree's branches pulsing with the rhythm of his deep voice.

As a final shout bellows from his throat, the strands of light coalesce into a single wisp of light that streaks toward the razor crescent edge of the weapon he holds aloft. The light flows into the blade like liquid, slithering through the etched runes on its face until each intricate facet is glowing with power.

With a flourish, Karszen slices the scythe through the air, leaving strands of light hanging briefly in its wake.

Karszen suddenly strikes at the obsidian symbol, the scythe's point meeting with the center of the hand's palm!

Kneeling down using the scythe's haft as a brace, Karszen stretches out his hand to feel the symbol, grimacing in pain as his fingers trace along the etchings he has made to verify his work.

With a solemn nod, he draws his hand away, clenching his gnarled fingers into a fist. With a shout of unintelligible invocation he drives his fist down onto the symbol's center!

The loud *crunch* of bones breaking is audible as Karszen recoils in pain, his blood flowing from several jagged wounds onto the sleek obsidian.

A faint tremor rumbles underfoot as the crimson blood flows into the symbol's etchings, mingling with the brilliant white light.

A thunderous boom of sound echoes through your bones as the symbol is suddenly torn asunder, sending miniscule shards of obsidian dust to sprinkle the area below.

Karszen says, "Now, this Necromancer.."
Karszen says, "This artifact is clearly of a power that such a Necromancer would be unable to create."
Karszen says, "If the chalice has been taken to the power that did create this artifact..."

The light gradually reaches its peak and begins to wane, leaving you to behold the magnificent form of a silver unicorn standing before you.

The unicorn turns to Karszen and directs its gaze upon him. You feel the weight of its presence on your shoulders and hear a warm voice intone into your mind: **Greetings, Karszen. I, the servant of Hodierna, have come to welcome you back to your duty.**

The unicorn stares intently into Karszen's vacant eyes, and he stares knowingly back.

The unicorn stands serene, unmoving.
**<The ward placed here by the Necromancer has impeded the power of rebirth given by our Mother for some time. With its removal, her influence already springs anew in this land. <nowiki>**The burden is upon your shoulders again, Karszen. Your purpose for being has been roused, and you must see to it that it fails to threaten the balance of life in the realm of abiding once more.**

**You will not be able to succeed alone, this time. Your foe has gained considerable strength. You will indeed have to seek aid from these mortals, whose fate is in your hands. For without all working together, all shall perish.**

**With Hodierna's renewed vigor, a bit of life returns to a dying land. Her mended smile will warm your flesh, and in so, the Gift of Life will soon be within the grasp of mortals again.**

**Know however, that this gift is given upon borrowed energy. Without return of Urrem'tier's Chalice, no mortal may truly bear the power of Resurrection. Indeed, the power that is drawn upon for this gift is also finite, and not to be thrown away wantonly.**

**Until it is recovered, those Priests of sufficient standing and faith will reap the benefits of Hodierna's renewal, and may channel their faith to return life to their fallen comrades. This will be a necessary tool in the unavoidable conflict that lies ahead.**

**Be swift in your quest, Karszen. The longer the Chalice is in the grasp of your enemy, the more of its power that will be stolen. Each day that Hodierna must solely bear the brunt of Resurrection is a drain upon the resevoir of power all Clergy draw upon.**

**May you mortals aid this ancient Sunderer in completing his purpose once more. May you also hold dear the weight with which calling Hodierna's name for the Gift of Life puts upon the goddess' shoulders, that you not waste her precious energy when it may be needed for the coming struggle.**

Motes of glimmering silver light begin to swirl around the unicorn as its form grows insubstantial.

**I bid you all farewell and good luck. The existance of all is indeed at stake if the Chalice is drained of all its power.**

Karszen says, "I will indeed need the help of your warriors, your healers, your priests, and mages."

Karszen says, "For now, build strong of faith and arm."
Karszen says, "I trust.. that you will all use Hodierna's gift well in the time being."

With that Brivibas and Karszen left together to investigate further.

Daxlynn Tarhkanna of Ilithi

This message was originally posted in Events and Happenings in DragonRealms' Elanthia \ Invasions, by VALTIES on the forums.