Item:Striking dark mint moire gown

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striking dark mint moire gown
Look: This beautiful specimen is crafted from rich watered silk and dyed a dark green hue. Snug sleeves end at the elbow, tied off with a bow of black satin ribbon. A front panel of richly patterned brocade embroidered with black in a swirling wispy design, hides the bodice's closure. The wide-hooped skirt is split down the front, revealing a pristine snow-white underskirt sewn with beads of jet black.
Weight: 50 stones
Appraised Cost: 225000 Kronars
180,000 Lirums
162,360 Dokoras
225 LTBpoints
225 Tickets
225 Scrips
Special Properties:
  • This item is worn in the shirt (with armor) slot.
Dimensions: ? length x ? width x ? height
Sources: Sold by Everything in Moderation for 162,360 dokoras
Source is Everything in Moderation (4), Everything in Moderation (3), Everything in Moderation (2), Everything in Moderation (1)

WEAR: Person slips her moire gown over her head, smoothing the fabric down around her body.

ADJUST: Person carefully adjusts the fit of her moire gown, making sure the fabric falls perfectly into place.

CLEAN: Person flicks a bit of lint off her moire gown, ensuring that the garment is suitable for presentation.

CURTSY: Person carefully lifts the skirt of her moire gown and dips into a deep curtsy.

TIE: Person fiddles with the fastenings of her moire gown, ensuring the garment is properly secured.

DANCE: Person dances about the area with a series of twirls, the skirt of her moire gown flaring around her.

PAT: Person gently pats her moire gown in nervous anticipation.

RUB: Person smoothes out the fabric of her moire gown.

SHAKE: Person shakes her moire gown angrily, stomping about the area.

CLUTCH: Gripping the skirting of her moire gown tightly, Person fans herself rapidly as her face flushes into a deep blush.

FLIP: With a flirtatious wink, Person flips the bottom edge of her moire gown up briefly.

PINCH: Whispering quietly to herself, Person pinches her moire gown, crushing the fabric between her fingers.

STRUT: Raising her head slightly, Person strides around the area, her moire gown flouncing around her.