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Name Skill Season Time Special Conditions Terrain Body Part Healed
georin grass 30 all all coastal, rural cultivated, savannah external neck wounds

Recall Herb

You recall georin grass is used to heal external neck injuries, and is generally found in rural cultivated areas, savannahs, and coastal areas.


  • A twisted, stubby grass found nearly everywhere, georin grass is a medium green with faint ridges. It is slightly crisp, while being tender near the base. It is slightly sour and has a citrusy scent.[1]

Common Locations

This herb is quite common in field and wood type areas outside of city limits.






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Other Notes

  • (old system) While the applied salve usually results in the best healing effect, the eaten powder is also effective and less time consuming to produce.
  • (old system) Dried and powdered it can be rubbed on specific wound locations in addition to being eaten. Doubling up the dose has not negative side effect (as long as it's eaten and rubbed).


ItemRare item
Item:Sprig of georin grass crafted from shiny silkfalse
Brown burlap georin grass pouchtrue
Item:Brown burlap georin grass pouchtrue
Sprig of georin grass crafted from shiny silktrue


  1. Healing Herbs (book)

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