In The Hollow (1)

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In The Hollow
Event Hollow Eve Festival 392, Hollow Eve Festival 399, Hollow Eve Festival 403, Hollow Eve Festival 406, Hollow Eve Festival 410, Hollow Eve Festival 414, Hollow Eve Festival 417, Hollow Eve Festival 421, Hollow Eve Festival 425, Hollow Eve Festival 428, Hollow Eve Festival 432
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Toy shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[In The Hollow]
A cold draft wafts through the room at regular intervals, its source undetermined. Each passing breeze causes the hooks hanging from the rafters to sway, making the ribbons and papers decorating the pinatas they hold flutter with eerie sounds. A small table set to one side contains additional beribboned items. You also see a rickety door.
Obvious exits: none.

On the long gold hook
Item Price Done
creaking tree pinata 3,157   
red eyeball pinata 3,157   
bloated black spider pinata 3,157   
crooked bone pinata 3,157   
screaming ghoul pinata 3,157   
On the long black hook
Item Price Done
green apple pinata 3,157   
fat pumpkin pinata 3,157   
plump corncob pinata 3,157   
burnished red leaf pinata 3,157   
inky black magpie pinata 3,157   
sly weasel pinata 3,157   
grey ox pinata 3,157   
On the long steel hook
Item Price Done
scary monster pinata 3,157   
crumbling tombstone pinata 3,157   
mummified hand pinata 3,157   
grotesque goblin pinata 3,157   
wrinkled brain pinata 3,157   
On the granite-topped table
Item Price Done
orange and yellow beribboned pinata stick 902   
pink and blue beribboned pinata stick 902   
autumn-hued beribboned pinata stick 902   
neutral-toned pinata stick wrapped in black and white ribbons 902   
"While any branch or stick will work with the pinatas, we offer these as additional options for your festivities."